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Need A Rug For Your Home? Check Out The Range Of Rugs Available At Spotlight!

Spotlight provides a large range of modern rugs, runner rugs, shaggy rugs, area rugs, style rugs, and a whole lot more. If you need a suitable rug for your living environment, be sure to check our extensive catalogue with the best floor rugs.

What Are The Best Floor Rugs To Buy?

Floor rugs can come with a variety of special properties, this includes properties such as stain resistance and anti-slip properties. Of course, finding the best rug for the area you have in mind does require some consideration. If you want to get the best rug for the room you want a rug for, be sure to check out some of our recommendations below.

Living room - The living room is the ideal place for various rugs, this includes a large area rug or even a smaller rug to put underneath the coffee table. You can match the colour of the rug to the colour of your living room furniture. Also, your rug should always contrast somewhat with the floor.

Outdoor rugs - Outdoor rugs are solely meant to clean your shoes before you enter the house. They are often made from hardwearing plastics, which means they withstand the weather elements.

Kids rugs - Contrary to most rugs used in living rooms and entrances, kids rugs tend to be smaller, bolder, and more colourful. They can also have a theme, this may include comic book characters, movie characters, and more.

Eco-Friendly - If you want your rug to be environmentally-friendly, be sure to have a look for rugs made from natural fibres. Synthetics usually require the use of plastics and oils, which means the natural options are eco-friendlier.

Large Floor Rugs - You should only use large floor rug if you have a larger room with plenty of light and space to use it in. For example, if you have a large living room with loads of extra space, a large area rug can help to fill it up.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Rug?

The things you check when buying a rug depends heavily on the qualities you value most. For example, some people prefer natural fibres for their softness and their luxurious feel. On the other hand, some people will prefer a rug made from synthetic fibres for their durability and their longevity. So, before you purchase one of our floor rugs, always check which qualities you value most.

How To Wash Floor Rugs?

Most floor rugs cannot be washed in the washing machine, this because the fabric fibres can be delicate, and any adhesive can become less strong after being washed in a machine. However, there are other ways to clean your rug.

Aside from vacuuming your rug regularly, you can use a combination of one-part detergent and one-part water. Use a gentle detergent without harsh chemicals, as the rougher detergents can cause some stains on your valuable rugs. Once you have made the solution, use a sponge to gently dap out the stain. Do not rub, as this may cause the stain to set deeper into the fabric.

How To Stop Moving On Wooden Floor?

You can purchase a rug with a special anti-slip treatment on the back. By placing this rug on your wooden floor, you can prevent slipping all-together.

Where Can I Buy Cheap Rugs Online?

Spotlight is your recommended place to purchase cheap rugs online. Our collection consists of various rugs, made from a variety of materials and available in many different sizes, colours, and shapes. To get a full overview of the possibilities, be sure to check out our floor rugs catalogue.



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