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Spotlight's Ultimate Guide to Lighting! Find the Perfect Lighting for Your Home!

Creating the perfect ambience of light in your home is important, but also a delicate matter. It is easy to make mistakes where lighting is concerned, so we have created an overview filled with useful tips on how to choose the best lighting for your home. Read on to discover these valuable tips, and obtain the best lighting for your home.

What Should I Consider First Before Choosing Lighting for My Home?

Before you choose any lighting for your home, you must look at the size of the room you need lighting for. While it may look trivial now, the size of the room is more important than you might think! Larger rooms will require more lighting to cover the larger area, while smaller rooms need less to avoid overpowering the room with light!

When Should I Use Table Lamps & Floor Lamps?

While many people can use table lamps and floor lamps as a main light source, it should only be used as an additional form of light - for example, if you need some additional light near your computer or near your television.

There are some instances where table lamps and floor lamps become more functional. If you have a home where the lighting is installed quite high on the ceiling, you may find that there is too little light in the home. Subsequently, adding some table lamps and floor lamps could make this situation better.

How Do I Choose Lighting for Open Plan Homes?

Even though having a home with an open living plan is quite modern and preferred by many Australians, it does require special consideration where lighting is concerned. For example, if you have a kitchen that coincides with your living room, you will need brighter lights in the kitchen area and some atmospheric lighting in the living room.

There is an easy fix for those open plan homes though - this includes light installations with a dimmer switch. By incorporating a dimmer switch, you can easily adjust the lighting in each room to match the atmosphere you wish to create, while maintaining the functional lights in rooms such as the kitchen.

What Are Layers of Light?

Before you start adding lights to your preferred rooms, it is a good idea to get familiar with the so-called layers of light. The term "layers of light" is used to refer to a combination of mood lighting, general lighting, and functional lighting - this means it may include most of the different light types we mentioned today. Below, we have described each type of light in detail. Based on this overview, you can evaluate each of your rooms and optimise the lighting in that room to match your needs.

General Lighting:General lighting is the most common type of lighting you will find in homes. Usually, it is the sole light bulb in the middle of a room. This type of lighting is used daily, which means it is recommended to get some durable bulbs and fixtures for your general lighting needs.

Mood Lighting:Mood lighting is anything that can put an accent in your room and create more atmosphere. Mood lighting can also be used to highlight interesting objects in a room - this may include artwork, sculptures, or even a display case filled with your finest decorations.

Most customers will come to Spotlight to find mood lighting, since this is the type of lighting you can play with a little. You can use a strategically placed spotlight to put an accent on your favourite piece of art in the living room, but also a table lamp to make your side table or desk stand out in the office or entryway.

Task Lighting:Since task lighting is the most functional type of lighting in this overview, it is also the most important. With this type of lighting, functionality is more important than overall design. Task lighting is used for important tasks such as reading, cooking, cleaning, and other vital tasks you could be performing in your home. Therefore, make sure you place this task lighting in the best place, so you have enough light to execute your task properly.

What Lighting Can I Obtain from Spotlight?

Customers can come to Spotlight for all their lighting needs. We provide general lighting and task lighting, but also mood lighting that could be used to create more atmosphere in their home. Check out our lighting range today and discover how you could optimise the lighting in your home.

Do you have a question about the lighting solutions available at Spotlight? Feel free to contact the Spotlight team with all your lighting-related questions. Our team will be happy to answer your questions!



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