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Get the Most Out of Your Diffuser! Discover the Various Types and Their Optimal Use in Our Guide!

Everyone loves to come home and have a lovely fragrance welcoming them - this is one of the reasons why diffusers are so popular nowadays. Of course, there are different types of diffusers available, leading certain diffusers to be more effective for certain rooms than others. If you want to determine which diffuser will match your home best, be sure to check out our guide below.

What Is a Reed Diffuser?

If you rather not plug anything in, then the reed diffuser could be a good choice for you. Reed diffusers are available separately and come with their own unique fragrance. They also have an incredible lifespan, since a good diffuser could last up to an entire year!

One of the major benefits of the reed diffuser is that it can be used anywhere in the home. You can use them in the kitchen to remove some of the cooking smells, but also in your living room to keep it smelling fresh and inviting.

What Is a Candle Diffuser?

Candle diffusers are some of the most widely available diffusers today. It is commonly used in the living room but could also add more atmosphere to the bathroom or bedroom.

There are several diffusing products that can be used in combination with the candle diffuser. Candle diffusers are suitable for crystals, essential oils, and tarts. However, there is one thing consumers must consider, more specifically the fact that the candle diffuser should not be left unattended. The candle diffuser can be a fire hazard, so also make sure it is placed on a sturdy surface to reduce the chance of it being knocked over.

What Are Diffusing Stones?

While reed and candle diffusers are widely known amongst Australian consumers, diffusing stones are less known. Even though this type of diffusion provides a lot of benefits, they are only obtained by consumers who are quite familiar with aromatherapy products.

Diffusing stones do not need to be subjected to any power or heat source to release their lovely fragrance. However, when unused stones are left uncovered, they could lose their fragrance quite quickly. While you may replenish the fragrance of the stones with some aromatic oil, the lifespan of diffusing stones is a lot less than the reed diffuser.

Despite the shorter lifespan, diffusing stones certainly have a purpose. Most people put these stones on their nightstand, mainly with a fragrance that could help them fall asleep such as lavender.

What Is a Plug-in Diffuser?

The plug-in diffuser is available in most supermarkets. It works by plugging it into a plug socket in your home - this after you have attached the vessel with the fragrance to the plug-in diffuser.

Fragrances released by a plug-in diffuser can cover quite a few rooms, but it does depend on the brand you obtain. Famous fragrance brands such as Airwick release their own set of plug-in diffusers and refills, advertising their product to have a lifespan of several weeks. However, reality can be a little different.

When you obtain a plug-in diffuser, make sure you look at the cost of the refills. The refills for plug-in diffusers can be quite expensive when you choose a certain brand, so it is important to look around a little to find the one that fits your budget. Still, since a plug-in diffuser has no problem covering many rooms, it is often a preferred choice for the Australian consumer.

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