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Find the Side Table Style That Matches Your Interior!

Side tables are a popular addition to any home. Not only do they add a beautiful accent to your interior, they can also be functional and display your favourite decorations. Of course, there are many side table styles to choose from, so we have created an overview describing each of the styles in more detail. Read on to determine which style matches your interior best.

What Is a Traditional Side Table?

Traditional side tables are usually made from wood - this material is chosen for a reason, since most traditional side tables have a lot of ornate detailing, curved legs, and inlaid tops.

Most people obtain a traditional side table for any room they want a sophisticated look for. However, you should use traditional-style furniture carefully, because too many of them could make your room appear cluttered and too busy. Still, a well-placed traditional side table can add lots more elegance to any room.

What Is a Contemporary Side Table?

Contemporary is an umbrella term used for current-day styles. Therefore, if you want to make sure your side table keeps up with current trends, then a contemporary side table is undoubtedly a good choice.

Most contemporary side tables will have bold and bright accents, making them an easy centrepiece for your living room. However, contrary to traditional side tables, many materials can be used for the contemporary side table. Commonly used materials by side table manufacturers include glass, metal, and wood, but other materials are possible too.

What Is a Transitional Side Table?

Customers who cannot choose between the traditional and contemporary style could consider a transitional side table, which comes in a style that is the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional.

Most transitional side tables will have a more casual feel, which means they work best in a relaxed interior. However, transitional side tables can provide consumers with a bunch of extra features - this includes storage compartments.

The final benefit of the transitional side table is that this style fits in most interiors. Given the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary, consumers never have to worry about a transitional side table.

What Is a Rustic Side Table?

Rustic side tables are characterised by recycled and older materials - this may include weathered wood and distressed wood. The overall design of the rustic side table does not focus on hiding some of the things that would be "unattractive" in other styles - for example, nail heads, metal beams, and legs. Therefore, most rustic side tables will provide your home with a more casual feel, much like the transitional side table.

What Is a Country Side Table?

Consumers who are looking for the most feminine side table should choose the country side table, which is often characterised by loads of lines and detailing. Country side tables are also made of wood, which are painted to match the unique country style side table designers want to achieve.

What Is a Modern Side Table?

If you like bold and unique designs, a modern side table may be a better choice for your home. While many people believe this style is years ahead, the original modern side tables date back to interiors of the 1960s!

Modern side tables have some typical characteristics too. Firstly, most of these side tables will have extraordinary geometric forms, less detailing, and overall simple designs. However, they can be made with many materials - this includes glass, plastic, and metal. Some modern side tables can be made with a wood material, but in these cases the wood will not be painted, something that is usually done for most styles. Instead, the designer will put an accent on the wood grain and display it proudly in the design of the modern side table.



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