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Choose Your Best Materials for Your Outdoor Furniture! Read Our Material Guide Today!

Spotlight provides customers with a range of outdoor furniture, so you can enjoy your garden or outdoor activities with a lot more comfort. Today, we have created a guide with the most common types of materials for outdoor furniture, so you can get the most from the furniture you have selected. So, be sure to read through our material guide to select the best outdoor furniture!

Why Should I Choose Outdoor Furniture in Aluminium?

Aluminium is an extremely popular material for outdoor furniture, since this material is lightweight, durable, and affordable. The maintenance of outdoor furniture in aluminium is quite minimal as well, since aluminium is also a material that does not rust or fade.

Of course, every material has its downsides too. When aluminium is placed in direct sunlight, the material can get incredibly hot. Therefore, aluminium outdoor furniture is only recommended for those shady spots in the garden. To maintain your aluminium furniture, all you need is some soapy water. However, you can extend the life of aluminium furniture by coating it in car wax or some mineral oil after each maintenance.

Why Should I Choose Outdoor Furniture in Plastic?

Another material that requires little maintenance is plastic, which makes it a good choice for consumers who want low-maintenance garden furniture. Plastic outdoor furniture is also lightweight and affordable, so plastic outdoor furniture is a popular choice!

There is a downside to plastic outdoor furniture though, because most plastic materials are not as durable as aluminium or other metals. However, plastic is more resistant to moisture, stains, mildew and mould, so when you evaluate durability, these are some of the factors you must consider too.

Even though plastic is a reliable choice for most people, we do not recommend plastic outdoor furniture for people who are a little heavier. Plastic cannot take as much weight as other materials, so only choose plastic if the people using the furniture will be within a normal weight range.

Why Should I Choose Outdoor Furniture in Steel?

If durability is your number one priority for outdoor furniture, steel might be your recommended material. Steel is considerably heavier than aluminium, but not as heavy as iron. Of course, steel does have the same disadvantage as aluminium, since it can become quite hot when encountering direct sunlight.

When choosing the type of steel, make sure to look for some stainless steel to protect your outdoor furniture against rust. However, if your outdoor furniture is made from normal steel, you can still protect it with a protective finish.

Why Should I Choose Outdoor Furniture in Wicker?

While steel and aluminium might be strong materials, they are not exactly known for their comfort levels. If comfort is a concern for your garden furniture, you could consider an alternative such as wicker, which is lightweight, flexible, but also extremely comfortable.

Please note that many outdoor furniture made from wicker comes with cushions. Some of these cushions might not be made from water-resistant materials, so be sure to get the appropriate cushion covers if you do decide to use these cushions on the furniture.

Why Should I Choose Outdoor Furniture in Wood?

The last material you could consider for outdoor furniture is wood. It is a durable and heavy material but does not get as hot as aluminium and stainless steel when encountering direct sunlight.

Some types of wood can be quite expensive, so the trick is to find a type of wood that is more affordable. However, there can be advantages to investing in wood such as teak, since this type of wood is resistant to rotting, warping, shrinkage, and swelling!



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