Dining Tables

The centre of any home, a dining table is where families gather together. Spotlight's array of dining tables has a range of sizes to suit any family.

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Discover All You Need to Know About Your New Dining Table!

Are you in the market for a new dining table, but no idea where you could start looking? No problem, because Spotlight has created the ultimate guide to dining tables. From dining table sizes to materials, our guide will take you on a journey to discover all the options.

What Materials Can Be Used to Create Dining Tables?

Dining tables can be made from a lot of different materials, so customers certainly have their work cut out for them where material choice is concerned. Common materials used for dining room tables include wood, glass, marble, metal, and slate.

Choosing the material of your dining table is not always down to preference, since some materials are more expensive than others. For example, marble is a material that looks terrific, but can be quite expensive. So, the look and cost of the material is usually more important than material properties.

What Are Common Dining Room Table Sizes?

Dining tables may come in various shapes and sizes. Common diameters you will find in stores include 120 centimetres (four seaters), 140 centimetres (six seaters), and 150 centimetres (eight seaters). Aside from these common sizes, you can find dining tables that are bigger or smaller, so there is always a suitable choice for everyone.

What Are Common Dining Table Styles?

As mentioned briefly already, dining tables can be found in many different styles. Common styles you can find in stores are the oval table, round pedestal table, rustic modern, trestle, and farmhouse. We have described each of these styles in more detail below.

The oval dining table is a classic choice, but not that widely available anymore. They can still be found in second-hand stores or auction houses, so they are either extremely affordable or terribly expensive. Oval dining tables usually have removable leaves too, which enables you to adjust the size as required.

Round pedestal chairs are a popular choice amongst Australians, since this type of table does not have those pesky legs getting in the way. The entire table is supported by a pedestal in the centre. However, it does mean you must look for a sturdy pedestal to avoid some of the "rocking" that can be experienced with tables like this.

A combination of rustic and modern is also popular in Australia, especially for those who have a contemporary home. The rustic modern table is usually made from a natural material such as worn wood, but vintage dining tables made from slate are an option too.

You could also choose the trestle dining table, which consists of a table base with two to three trestles. Considering the design of the dining table, it is not as suitable for modern and contemporary dining rooms. However, if you are looking for a casual dining table for your kitchen, the trestle dining table could be a consideration.

Finally, you could also choose the farmhouse table. Like the previous suggestion, the farmhouse table is quite relaxed and casual. However, unlike the trestle table, the farmhouse table is suitable for most dining rooms.

What Should You Consider Before Purchasing a Dining Table?

There are countless dining table styles to choose from nowadays, so you will have no problems finding a style that matches your preferences and requirements. Of course, aside from the style of the table you might want to consider table materials too.

Table materials can influence the price of your table, but that does not mean that there are not several table materials you could consider on a budget. For example, wood and metal are quite affordable, while marble and specialist wood types may be a more expensive choice.



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