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If you are an avid reader, you have undoubtedly contemplated getting a lovely bookcase installed in your home. Of course, there are countless bookcases to choose from, with each bookcase having its own range of benefits. If you would like to get more familiar with various types of bookcases before making your decision, be sure to check out some popular bookcases below.

What Is a Barrister Bookcase?

The barrister bookcase was invented in England, and specifically designed to be used by the English barrister. The barrister bookcase was characterised by a unique stackable appearance, which had a specific purpose since barristers often had to move to new chambers! Because of the removable shelves (or stacks) in the design of the barrister bookcase, barristers could move chambers swiftly!

Naturally, the barrister bookcase has evolved quite a bit over the years. Some barrister bookcases no longer have the removable shelves and will be fixed in place. They can also come with separate doors, which ensures optimal protection for your most valuable books.

What Is a Modular Bookcase?

One of the most popular bookcases amongst Australian bookworms is undoubtedly the modern modular bookcase. The modular bookcase is characterised by various cubes, which can be of a similar or a different size depending on the design.

Modular bookcases available today can be stacked vertically or horizontally - this gives consumers a lot more options where space is concerned. Some modular bookcases are even used as room dividers, which could prove interesting if you want to give books a more prominent place in your home.

Book lovers can get modular bookcases in the form of a freestanding unit or a wall-mounted unit. They can also come in various materials - this includes metal, wood, and plastic. Depending on the material, you can get a wide variety of colours too.

What Is a Folding Bookcase?

If you want something mobile, or a bookcase that takes up little space, the folding bookcase might be best for you. As the name suggests, the bookcase can be folded up when needed, so you do not have to disassemble it if you decide to move.

What Is the Corner Bookcase?

Have a corner in your home that could be put to better use? If so, you could choose an eye-catching bookcase such as the corner bookcase. Even though this type of bookcase is made to measure and therefore somewhat of an investment, it is certainly an exquisite choice for avid book lovers.

What Is a Shelf Bookcase?

The most common type of bookcase is still the shelf bookcase. Like the modular bookcase, the shelf bookcase can have an open or a closed back. They can also be freestanding or wall-mounted. However, shelf bookcases tend to take up quite a bit of room, making them more suitable for book lovers with a spacious home.

What Is the Ladder Bookcase?

A ladder bookcase looks quite like a ladder, hence the name. While its original design is meant to hold books, most people choose to use it for a combination of books and home decorations.

Given the smaller size of the ladder bookcase, this type of bookcase is most suitable for smaller homes or apartments. Ladder bookcases are leaning too - this means they will need to be against a wall or another solid structure.

What Is the Display Bookcase?

The final bookcase is extremely suitable for collectors of valuable books, since the display bookcase is mainly meant to showcase a valuable book collection. The display bookcase is available in various sizes too, so even book collectors with an astronomical collection will find a suitable option for their home.



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