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The Styles Of Our Clocks And Mirrors Explained

When you take a quick glance at our range of clocks and mirrors, you will quickly notice that we offer them in various styles and designs. If you are not familiar with the various styles that could be used inside your home, or you want to find a clock or mirror that matches your interior style, be sure to read on.

What Is Boho Style?

Boho is a relatively new term used in the world of interior design, so not many people are aware of what it really means. Boho basically envelops design that is creative and artistic. It also has some hippie and bohemian influences, so you can imagine just how many creative ways there are to interpret this style.

To create a bohemian style inside your home, you want to mix lots of patterns and colours. Within this style, you can also use rustic and vintage materials, just as long as the end result is creative and artistic.

What Is Country Style?

Country style is quite diverse, because there is now something called "modern country style". So, the assumption that country style is old fashioned and outdated is anything but true.

There are many things that can be said for a modern country style. However, one of the main features of country style is the presence of wooden elements. It can go from wood panelling to floorboards. However, country style no longer solely consists of wood.

Despite common misconception, country style is also relatively simple. Therefore, wood is often combined with neutral colours such as white and shades of beige. Despite the neutrality and simplicity of this style, you can still find some cosiness. In other words, it is a style that combines many popular design elements into one.

What Is European Style?

European style is actually based on durability. You will find that many of the materials used in this style are meant to stand the test of time, so it is no surprise that you can find many vintage elements in this particular style.

When you look at European style, you can find elements from all over Europe. Of course, certain countries provide more dominant elements than others. For European interior designs, influence from Tuscany, Spain, France, and Italy remain the most popular.

What Is Nautical Interior Design?

Nautical design is perfect for anyone who has a serious love for the ocean, boating, or the beach. It draws its inspiration from the ocean, ocean life, and the beach to tie the design together.

As you may expect, nautical style is characterised by colours such as navy and white. Other shades of blue and a dominant presence of wood inside the home is quite common as well. Decorations such as boat sculptures, nautical paintings, and the like are used to create the right atmosphere.

Even though nautical interior design is popular for homes that are located near the ocean, this style can be used across the country. So, if you have a love for the beach and want to have it near you at all times, a nautical style could be just the thing for you.

What Is Contemporary Interior Design?

Contemporary design is all about keeping up with current trends, but without compromising on the longevity of your interior. After all, you do not want to change everything about your home every year. If you were to do so, it would cost you some serious money. So, how do you implement contemporary interior design?

One of the characteristics of contemporary design is its simplicity. Rooms are characterised by smart storage solutions, enabling homeowners to avoid clutter and get a clean environment to live in.

Even though contemporary design is simple, you can still use textures for this interior design. However, the use of texture is always deliberate and never overpowering. After all, overuse of textures could turn you into a boho design.

To ensure you have a contemporary home, the only thing to remember is to use clean lines. Geometric shapes can certainly contribute to that style, but also furniture that can store all the items that would otherwise lay around. Since storage is key here, it is important to determine where you will place this storage before you start designing.



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