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Find everythig you need for a fresh spring-clean of your home in our Cleaning section.

Stocking dust cloths, cleansing sprays and dust masks we have all your basic cleaning needs covered.

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  •   Sabco Pet Hair and Upholstery Mit

    Sabco Pet Hair and Upholstery Mit

    Get cleaning and tidy up with this Sabco Pet Hair and Upholstery Mit! A wonderful addition for your cleaning gear, it is an easy fix with no hustle at all. Come and shop with us today!

    Was: $8.99

    Now: $6.29

  • 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

    3M Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

    Clean and polish your stainless steel surfaces at the same time with the 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish. This aerosol spray can will work wonders in masking surface blemishes and reducing fingerprints or smudges.

    Reg: $9.99

  • 3M Scotch-Brite 30 Sheet Lint Roller

    3M Scotch-Brite 30 Sheet Lint Roller

    It's important to look your best and 3M Scotch Brite Lint Rollers makes it easy to keep your clothes, lint, hair and fuzz free. Roll your clothes on the way out, touch up before a meeting or simply remove unwanted pet hair. Don't forget to consider alternative uses too: glitter, fabric and thread pi...

    Reg: $9.49

  • Caprice Cleaning Mitt

    Caprice Cleaning Mitt

    Cleaning your blinds regularly is not just for appearance but to prevent dust from built up. Caprice Cleaning Mitt helps you in easy cleaning process.

    Reg: $7.99

  •   Sabco Dusting Glove

    Sabco Dusting Glove

    Dust with ease by using the Sabco Dusting Glove. This dusting gloves provides you with flexibility to access hard to reach places with a convenient design.

    Was: $9.99

    Now: $6.99

  •   Sabco Mini Lint Buddy

    Sabco Mini Lint Buddy

    Keep your garments clean and tidy, ready to wear, with the Sabco Mini Lint Buddy. Carry in your bag or as part of your travel essentials, this is portable and practical to keep you looking your best!

    Was: $2.99

    Now: $2.09

  •   Decor Deluxe Indoor Broom

    Decor Deluxe Indoor Broom

    The Decor Deluxe Indoor Broom have angled bristles for wider sweep area. Its flagged bristle ends to collect and hold dust and dirt for a more effective cleaning!

    Was: $19.99

    Now: $13.99

  •   Decor Electrostatic Brush

    Decor Electrostatic Brush

    The Decor Electrostatic Brush removes pet hair, fluff & fibres. It's perfect for furniture and car interiors!

    Was: $5.99

    Now: $4.19

  •   Decor Misting Spray Floor Mop

    Decor Misting Spray Floor Mop

    The Decor Misting Spray Floor Mop comes with an easy trigger action and 360 swivel action for more effective and control on cleaning. It has a removable water bottle and its removable cleaning pad is machine washable.

    Was: $34.99

    Now: $24.49

  •   Decor Compact Twist Mop

    Decor Compact Twist Mop

    The Decor Compact Twist Mop has an extendable handle up to 1.4m. With its microfiber head and easy click action for rinsing, the cleaning process would be a breeze!

    Was: $23.99

    Now: $16.79

  •   Decor Deluxe Bottle Brush

    Decor Deluxe Bottle Brush

    The Decor Deluxe Bottle Brush has a long 300mm neck for easy bottle cleaning. Its soft easy grip handle makes it easier to use and comfortable as well, take home yours today.

    Was: $4.99

    Now: $3.49

  •   Decor Microfiber Dish Mop

    Decor Microfiber Dish Mop

    The Decor Microfiber Dish Mop comes with an easy clean microfiber head and soft easy grip handle for more added comfort.

    Was: $4.99

    Now: $3.49

  •   Decor Deluxe Dish Mop

    Decor Deluxe Dish Mop

    The Decor Deluxe Dish Mop comes with a cotton head and soft easy grip handle for easy handling and cleaning.

    Was: $4.99

    Now: $3.49

  •   Sabco Premium Ab Cotton Mop

    Sabco Premium Ab Cotton Mop

    The Sabco Premium Ab Cotton Mop is a premium blend mop for maximum absorbency. Its antibacterial yarn prevents the growth of bacteria, so you should sleep easy after cleaning your home.

    Was: $19.99

    Now: $13.99

  •   Sabco Dustpan Set

    Sabco Dustpan Set

    The Sabco Dustpan Set comes with a soft rubber lip that prevents slippage. Its flagged bristles collect even the finest dirt & dust. Use its zig zag edge to clean the brush, it's easy.

    Was: $4.99

    Now: $3.49

  •   Sabco Long Handheld Dustpan

    Sabco Long Handheld Dustpan

    The Sabco Long Handheld Dustpan provides an effective ergonomic cleaning so there's no need for bending. Its flagged bristles collect even the finest dirt and dust.

    Was: $19.99

    Now: $13.99

  •   Sabco Jiffy Indoor Broom

    Sabco Jiffy Indoor Broom

    The Sabco Jiffy Indoor Broom is a compact, sturdy indoor broom with flagged bristles for a better sweep of find dust and particles.

    Was: $10.99

    Now: $7.69

  •   Sabco Fresh Wipes Canister

    Sabco Fresh Wipes Canister

    The Sabco Fresh Wipes Canister is fast drying and non toxic. You can use it to clean any non porous surface. Its canister allows convenient storage and easy dispensing. Throw away the dirt at ease!

    Was: $12.99

    Now: $9.09

  •   Sabco Wide Sponge Mop Bucket

    Sabco Wide Sponge Mop Bucket

    The Sabco Wide Sponge Mop Bucket comes with an extra wide capacity that is ideal for sponge mops. With its non slip hand grip, it is an added comfort! It is also tough, lightweight and chemical resistant.

    Was: $16.99

    Now: $11.89

  •   Sabco Microfingers Flexible Duster

    Sabco Microfingers Flexible Duster

    The Sabco Microfingers Flexible Duster comes with a flexible head for hard to reach places. Its microfingers trap dust and allergens. Its machine washable sleeve makes maintenance and cleaning a breeze!

    Was: $9.99

    Now: $6.99

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Prepare Better for Your Annual Spring Clean with These Suggestions from Spotlight’s Cleaning Section

Customers can find an incredible selection of cleaning materials and accessories at Spotlight, which enable you to get ready for your spring clean! Today, we will discuss some of these cleaning products in detail, so you can easily determine what you will need this year.

What Is an Upholstery Mitt?

One of the products we always recommend to our customers is an upholstery mitt. An upholstery mitt is an essential for any customer who owns a pet, since this mitt makes it easier to remove any pet hair from your sofas, chairs, and mattresses. It is also one of the most cost-effective ways to remove unwanted pet hair from your furniture. Of course, the upholstery mitt is also available in glove form.

What Is a Lint Buddy?

A lint buddy is a common cleaning accessory, used to remove dirt, fluff, crumbs and even hair from fabrics. Therefore, the lint buddy is commonly used on sofas and carpets. However, the lint buddy is an accessory that is also used on clothing, especially by pet owners who want to remove animal hair from their clothing before heading out.

What Is an Indoor Broom?

The following cleaning essential does not require much explanation, but we do need to mention that you can find several types of indoor brooms nowadays; this includes the push broom, straw broom, wet/dry broom, and many others. To ensure you get the best result from your indoor broom, be sure to consider the flooring in your home.

What Is an Electrostatic Brush?

Like the previously mentioned upholstery mitt, the electrostatic brush is used to remove unwanted pet hair from upholstery and other fabrics. The electrostatic brush is also used for the removal of fluff and fibres; this could prove useful for your car’s interior.

What Is a Mop?

A mop is a common cleaning accessory used to remove dirt from your floor. Of course, like brooms, there are many different types of mops nowadays. There are spray mops, twist mops, microfibre mops, and many others, each with their own set of benefits. Therefore, it is always a good idea to check the properties of a mop before you start using it in your home.

What Is a Wipes Canister?

We have all encountered it before. You buy a supply of wipes, which come in resealable packaging, only to find that those wipes dry out sooner than intended. If you want to avoid this problem with your cleaning wipes, you can choose a wipes canister instead. A wipes canister keeps the wipes wet, but also free from any dust and other environmental elements that could affect your wipes when left.

What Is a Flexible Duster?

When you do some dusting, you often need to get in the most inconvenient places. If you own a duster that is not that flexible, you already know about the problems that may cause. Fortunately, you can count on a flexible duster from Spotlight, which makes it a lot easier to get in those hard-to-reach places.

Customers who need a flexible duster should also consider the material the duster is made of. One of the best materials for dusters is undoubtedly the microfibre, since these dusters are stronger than the average feather dusters out there. Microfibre dusters also tend to pick up dust a lot better than standard feather dusters.

What Is an Eraser Sponge?

Eraser sponges are commonly used to remove the most persistent stains. Eraser sponges are designed to get into the tiniest fibres, making it easier for you to finally get rid of persistent stains in upholstery, carpet, or other places in your home.

The eraser sponge is a special type of melanin foam, which contains an additional cleaning agent inside. While the principle may seem simple, many customers are not aware of the existence of the eraser sponge. However, this is certainly an essential for a good spring cleaning, since you can finally tackle those persistent stains without problems.

What Is a Blind Duster?

A blind duster is a special cleaning accessory for your blinds, which enables you to quickly wipe the dust from each individual blind. With a blind duster, you do not have to wipe down each blind duster individually. Instead, you can do it all your blinds in a matter of seconds!

Where Can I Find More Cleaning Essentials for My Spring Clean?

Do you need more supplies for your annual spring clean? Or do you want to discover more unique gadgets and accessories that could make your annual spring clean a lot easier? Head over to our cleaning range to discover countless other accessories and gadgets with incredible functionality! We are sure you won’t regret it!

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