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Do you love cardmaking? Or are you really into papercraft? Look no further than the range of stationery glue from the Spotlight collection. With countless types of glue to choose from, you will find the right glue to get the best results possible.

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What Are The Best Types Of Glue For Papercraft?

Papercraft is one of the crafts that often requires some adhesive. Fortunately, there are plenty of glue choices for papercraft. So, without further ado, let us introduce you to the adhesives you should have in your hobby room for all your papercraft needs.

What Is The Best All-Round Glue For Papercraft?

While there are dozens of options out there, you always want one adhesive you can use for the majority of your papercraft projects. One of Spotlight's favourite options for papercraft is a simple glue stick. After all, there are countless applications for this simple adhesive.

The glue stick is an amazing option for cardmaking as well as scrapbooking. They are also brilliant for children's crafts, as most manufacturers make glue sticks toxic-free and easy to handle. They tend to be washable too, which makes them even better! So, a hobby room simply cannot go without a simple glue stick, no matter what kind of papercraft you love.

What Is The Most Convenient Glue For Papercraft?

If you want a mess free application that does not take a lot of time, Spotlight recommends some simple glue dots for your papercraft projects. Glue dots are suitable for children's crafting projects too, as they are relatively easy to handle and mess free, just like the average glue stick.

When you work with glue dots, it is important to distinguish between the three types of glue dots available these days. You can purchase removable and semi-removable glue dots, but also permanent glue dots.

Glue dots can do more than just glue paper together though, as they can be used on different materials too. In addition to paper, you can use them on plastic, glass, metal and even vinyl.

What Is The Best Glue For Gluing Small And Heavier Objects To Paper?

When you need to glue some heavier objects such as gems to a piece of paper, it can be trickier to use a glue stick. While a glue stick is a brilliant paper adhesive, it does not do as well for other materials, especially if those materials have a little weight to them. Fortunately, you will find the perfect solution in the form of PVA glue.

PVA is a thicker glue compared to most, but this makes it perfect to glue some heavier items to paper. It is a popular type of glue for school crafting projects, but also a staple for anyone who is into cardmaking and scrapbooking. It is also a type of glue that is easy to clean up when you spill it, simply use a mixture of water and soap.

What Is The Best Glue For Intricate Papercraft Projects?

If you need to glue something rather complicated and you need some additional control, you may want to look into getting a glue gun. Glue guns are not just suitable for papercraft either, as they have numerous applications in other crafts as well as furniture repair.

A good glue gun can be a bit of an investment, especially if you want the most versatile option. However, glue guns are the best option for more intricate papercraft projects, where you may need an extension to apply the glue.

Spotlight does provide a great range of high-quality yet affordable glue guns. So, if you want to obtain a glue and save some money at the same time, we recommend checking out the glue guns in our range.

Check Out The Range Of Stationery Glues

Are you looking for some simple glue for stationery and cardmaking projects? Look no further than our range of stationery glue, which contains all the glue and adhesives you will need. Of course, you can also expand your search into the rest of the Spotlight catalogue, which contains more intricate adhesives such as spray glue and even glue guns. Check out the full range today to pick up a great deal for yourself.



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