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Spotlight's Lampshade Buying Guide

While buying a lampshade may seem like a simple task, there are more things to consider than you might think. To help our customers find the best lamp shade for their needs, we have created a buying guide for any customer who wants to buy a new lampshade at Spotlight. So, if you want to get the most from your lamp shade, be sure to check the information below.

What Dimensions Do I Need for My New Lamp Shade?

Customers who want to buy a new lamp shade must get the dimensions of their old lamp shade - this ensures you have a lamp shade with the correct measurements. When you take the dimensions, you should look for the top width, bottom width, and the diagonal slant. However, if you have a straight lampshade instead of a diagonal one, then you must obtain the vertical height instead of the diagonal slant.

What If I Don't Have an Old Lamp Shade to Take Measurements?

Don't have an old lamp shade you can take the measurements of? No need to despair just yet, because there is a way to take the measurements from your lamp base.

The height of a lamp shade should be approximately 75% the height of your lamp base. The bottom of the shade must be wider than the bottom of the base, while the width of the shade must be the same as the height from base bottom to the bulb socket.

What Lampshade Shapes Are Available?

Straight and slanted lampshades may be the best-known lamp shade types out there - it does not mean they are the only ones. Other types of lamp shades you may encounter in stores include chandelier lampshades, curved lamp shades, empire lamp shades, rectangular lamp shades, and oval lamp shades.

There are a lot of novelty options out there too, since a lot of manufacturers are now releasing some extremely unusual lamp shade styles. So, if you want something different than the normal slanted style, be sure to look for novelty lampshades.

Should I Choose a Wider Lamp Shade or a Narrower Lamp Shade?

If you have some freedom where the width of your lamp shade is concerned, you might wonder if a wider or narrower lamp shade is better? The answer depends on your requirements. If you want to use your lamp for reading, then a wider lamp shade will provide you with more light. However, if you want the lamp for a cosy atmosphere, a narrow lampshade will provide the effect you are looking for.

What Fitter Is Best for a Lamp Shade?

The fitter is the part of the lamp that provides a connection between your lamp shade and the lamp. There are various types of fitters available, so this is also a decision that must be made carefully.

Most lamps come with a so-called spider fitter - this type of fitter is secured by a finial and sits above the lightbulb. However, you could also choose an UNO fitter (beneath the lightbulb) and clip-on fitter.

Is My Lamp Shade Safe?

Since some light bulbs can release an incredible amount of heat, the distance between your light bulb and the lamp shade is important. If the shade is too close to your light bulb, it could cause damage to the lamp shade! In severe cases, it could even cause a fire.

The light bulb you choose is just as important as the distance between the bulb and the lamp shade when it comes down to fire safety. If there is only two centimetres between the bulb and the shade, it is better to choose a lamp between forty and sixty watts. However, if you have a lot of room - for example, eight centimetres, you can choose something stronger like a hundred watts.



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