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Confused About Light Bulbs? Get to Know Your Light Bulbs with This Useful Guide!

Since there are so many types of light bulbs these days, it is no surprise that most people get confused about the light bulbs they must obtain for their home. If you feel you could benefit from more information about light bulbs, be sure to check out the comprehensive guide provided by Spotlight below.

What Is the Bayonet Cap Light Bulb?

The bayonet cap light bulb is commonly used for main voltage lamps in the house, although there are some low-voltage options available for halogen lamps. The light bulbs can be put in main lamps by pushing and twisting them in, making the lugs at the end snap into position.

What Is the Edison Screw Cap Light Bulb?

When most people think about a light bulb, they always think about the Edison screw cap light bulb. As the name suggests, this light bulb has a screw cap on the end, which means it is turned into position.

Edison screw cap light bulbs are used for a variety of appliances as well as the main lamps in the home. However, the Edison screw cap is more popular in certain areas of the world - this includes the United Kingdom, United States, and Europe.

What Is the Halogen Capsule?

Halogen capsules are designed to fit in small appliances and integrated fittings. Therefore, you will find the halogen capsule in items such as extractor hoods and kitchen cabinet lights.

Please note that halogen capsules are not the most efficient light bulbs for integrated fittings and appliances, since there is now a more energy-efficient form with the LED capsule. Fortunately, old halogen capsules can easily be replaced with the new LED capsules.

What Are LED Spotlights?

LED spotlights are specific light bulbs designed for spots in the home. They are characterised by two pin-like structures at the bottom and a cup like appearance on top.

Most people believe that all LED spotlights are the same, but this is untrue. Spotlights come in various sizes and strengths, so if you are unsure about a spotlight that needs replacing, be sure to check the old one to determine its size and strength (this is usually mentioned on the bulb itself).

What Are Tubes?

Tubes are a specific type of light bulb, characterised by a tube-like exterior that expands horizontally. Like spots, they are equipped with special pins. These pins can be seen on the left and right side of the tube lighting.

There are currently two types of tubes commonly used around the world - this includes the fluorescent tube and LED tube. Out of both options, the LED tube is considered as the most energy-efficient option.

What Are Architectural Strip Lights?

Architectural strip lights resemble tubes but are equipped with a connector on each end of the construction. These lights can be used for various purposes, including putting an accent on displays, providing functional lighting on counters and worktops, and much more.

What Are Push Fit Light Bulbs?

Plush fit light bulbs can come in square or rectangular versions and are pushed into place. Push fit light bulbs can be combined with electronic control gear and dimmers, which makes them a common option for homes with dimmer switches or voice control.

Finding correct light bulbs can be quite a task, especially if you recently moved homes and are not yet familiar with the bulbs in your home. However, when possible, always take out the old light bulb and double-check its details to find the best replacement. No old light bulb? Check the connection of the fixture to determine which light bulb mechanism fits - for example, screw cap, bayonet, pins, or any other mechanism that may be in place.



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