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Are you thinking about upgrading your current travel bags? Or do you want to discover new luggage options that could make travelling a little more convenient? Read our useful luggage buying guide below to determine how you should upgrade your luggage this year!

How Do I Determine What Type of Luggage Is Best for Me?

Before you look at your options in detail, it is always a good idea to answer some questions. Firstly, you must determine how your luggage will be used. For example, do you expect to use it for flying or driving? Luggage for flying tends to be made from harder materials to protect its content against damage, while luggage for driving is more pliable to provide the consumer with more trunk space.

Aside from determining how you will use your luggage, it is also important to consider its storage. Remember, your luggage must be stored somewhere in the home when you return from your travels. Therefore, any new luggage you purchase must fit in your intended storage spot.

Finally, you should also look at the amount of space your luggage must provide. Are you someone who travels light? Or do you prefer to take most of your wardrobe during your travels? The answer will determine the overall size of your new luggage.

What Are the Benefits of Soft-Sided Travel Luggage?

Soft-sided travel luggage is characterised by its moveable fabric - this is usually a woven material such as nylon. Soft-sided travel luggage can be a lot lighter than other luggage options and can be compressed - this means it is perfect for car drives, since it can be compressed in the trunk of the car.

Despite all its advantages, soft-sided travel luggage does have a disadvantage too, more specifically that it is less durable than other hard-sided luggage. The moveable fabric is also more susceptible to tears and ripping, although this could be tackled by choosing a material with a tighter weave.

What Are the Benefits of Hard-Sided Luggage?

Contrary to soft-sided luggage, hard-sided luggage is made from hard materials such as ABS plastic and polycarbonate plastic. These materials provide luggage with a light weight but ensure increased durability. There are some subtle differences between the materials that can be used to create hard-sided luggage. For example, ABS plastic is the lightest material, while polycarbonate plastic is the most durable choice.

Most travellers prefer hard-sided luggage when they travel with breakable items. They could also choose it for additional protection, since many of these hard-sided luggage options come with an added lock. We must mention that hard-sided luggage is not as suitable for travellers who tend to pack a lot, since this type of luggage has less give than the soft-sided version. Still, you can always buy hard-sided luggage with more volume to meet your packing requirements.

Hard-sided luggage tends to be less suitable for transport in the trunk of the car, mainly because it leaves little trunk space due to its lack of flexibility. Still, hard-sided luggage can be a better option for flying, since this type of luggage stacks easily and provides ample protection against abrupt movement - for example, an airline employee throwing your luggage on the plane.

When it comes to luggage, there are many possibilities out there for you. Even though we mentioned the main types with hard-sided and soft-sided luggage options, do not forget about the smaller storage options such as carry-ons and personal luggage. So, before you make your decision, check out all your options and determine which fits you best as an individual.



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