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Spotlight has a large collection of cushion covers available. These cushion covers can be used for cushions throughout the home. However, many customers do not know that certain cushion covers work better in certain areas. There is also styling to consider, which makes your cushion cover decision a little harder.

Do you need help finding the best cushion covers for your needs? Find out how to select your ideal cushion covers below!

What Fabric Should I Choose for My Cushion Covers?

Cushion covers can come in various materials. Naturally, each material has its own set of benefits, so it is certainly a good idea to evaluate available materials on their properties and characteristics.

One of the most popular materials for cushion covers is cotton, a natural fabric fibre that is durable but also easy to maintain. Cotton also looks fantastic and feels comfortable, which makes this a suitable choice for cushions on the sofa.

When durability is the main characteristic you are looking for, you could also choose polyester. Since polyester is a manmade material, it tends to last longer than natural fabric fibres. Polyester can also come in lots of colours, giving you more freedom where the design of your cushion covers is concerned.

Customers who want the most sophisticated and elegant look should consider materials such as velvet and silk. Even though materials are harder to maintain than cotton and polyester, they have a luxurious look no other material can copy. Of course, given the hard maintenance of these materials, silk and velvet are not recommended in homes with pets or children.

Why Is the Location Where I Will Use the Cushion Covers Important?

Firstly, you must distinguish between indoor and outdoor cushion covers. Indoor cushion covers are usually not suitable for outdoor use, mainly because they do not have waterproof qualities. However, there are dedicated outdoor cushions that are waterproof, so always look for these options if you need outdoor cushion covers.

Rooms that have lots of natural light need special consideration too, since some materials are sensitive to colour fading when exposed to direct sunlight for a longer period. So, if your living room sofa constantly gets loads of natural light, then you must choose a cushion cover material that is fade resistant.

Is the Use of the Cushions Important When Selecting Cushion Covers?

There is certainly a difference between cushion covers you will use for your bedroom cushions and your sofa cushions, so how you plan to use your cushions is important for your cushion cover selection.

One type of cushion that provides you with a lot of freedom where cushion covers are concerned is the decorative cushion. Since this cushion is only meant as a decoration on your sofa or bed, the material you choose will be less important. Of course, this also means you can choose bolder designs and patterns for your covers, unless it is used in the bedroom.

When using decorative cushion covers in the bedroom, be careful with patterns that are too bold or bright. Some colours and patterns can make your bedroom environment too stimulating, making it harder for you to go to sleep.

Can I Get Cushion Covers at Spotlight?

Spotlight has a great range of cushion covers - this includes cushion covers for decorative cushions around the house, outdoor cushion covers, and bedroom cushion covers. So, if you need some cushion covers to liven up your home, be sure to check out the available options at Spotlight.

Need some help finding the best cushion covers for your home? Do not hesitate to contact Spotlight for some professional assistance.



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