Freestanding Mirrors

Reflect your style with a decorative and practical freestanding mirror from Spotlight. Enhance the style in your home and make an impact with a beautiful floor standing mirror. The design of the mirror allows you to angle it to the position you need no matter what your size. Freestanding mirrors are perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms or even in your hallway, allowing you to check your appearance before leaving the house. Full length mirrors are always useful to have around the house, either to see yourself from head to toe or to help brighten up a room.

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Where can I buy freestanding mirrors online?

Here at Spotlight we have freestanding mirrors that are not only functional but also decorative. Compared to wall mirrors, freestanding mirrors can be easily placed anywhere without having to drill or hammer into your walls. They can be place in any part of the room, like in the unused corners of a room or next to furniture. Freestanding mirrors can also be quickly moved around wherever they are needed.

What are freestanding mirrors used for?

Freestanding mirrors typically come as full length mirrors that let you see your entire reflection from head to toe. They are often placed in rooms and areas where you would normally get dressed like bedrooms, walk-in closets, bathrooms and guestrooms. Freestanding mirrors can also be found in hallways or foyers, so that you can give your outfit one final check before heading out the door.

What kind of freestanding mirrors can I find at Spotlight?

In this range, you'll find freestanding cheval mirrors which have pivot points in the middle so you can easily angle the mirror up or down according to your liking. This tilting feature makes it very versatile and useful no matter how tall you are or how close or far away you are from the mirror.

Because of their stylish looks, cheval mirrors are also often used as a focal point or an accent piece in a room. Our freestanding mirrors are made out of high quality wood, and come in a variety of dark or light finishes to match your home decor. We have freestanding mirrors that feature simple tripod designs, as well as multi-function mirrors that double as cabinets for your jewellery and other knick knacks.

What other benefits do freestanding mirrors offer?

Since freestanding mirrors are held up via a strong and supportive frame, they are less likely to warp or bend from its weight over time. A straight mirror provides an accurate reflection that isn't distorted, which could make you look thinner or fatter than you really are.

The length and size of freestanding mirrors also allows it to reflect a lot of light inside a room, which can make it look brighter and more open. It can also give the illusion of higher ceilings and wider walls when placed in strategic locations.

What other types of mirrors can I find at Spotlight?

Aside from freestanding mirrors, we also offer full length mirrors that you can mount on walls or behind doors. These large framed mirrors can also be leaned against walls or tucked in corners of a room for a very trendy look that gives any space a more open feeling.

If you're looking for something a bit smaller, we have wall mirrors that come in a variety of different designs ranging from simple round frames to more ornate moulded frames. These wall mirrors are not only perfect for checking your face or makeup, but can also serve as pieces of art to decorate your walls with.

What home decor can I find at Spotlight?

Spotlight has a huge selection of home decor so you can give your rooms and spaces that much needed finishing touch. For your windows, we offer window treatments like curtains, blinds and valences. To make your floors look cosier and more tied in to the rest of your decor, we carry a variety of area rugs, runners and door mats. To give your walls a new look, we have wall vinyls, art prints, wall clocks and other decorations.

If you want to dress up your chairs and sofas, check out our selection of throw pillows and seat cushions. We also sell chair covers to help protect them from stains and blemishes. To add some mood lighting to any room or space, check out our selection of string lights, table lamps and night lights.



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