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Burn Your Candles Safely with Spotlight's Candle Holders and Safety Tips!

Burning candles can create a nice atmosphere in the home, but it should always be done safely. If you love your candles and want to ensure you keep your home safe while doing it, be sure to obtain one of the quality candle holders at Spotlight and read through our useful safety tips below.

What Are the Golden Rules to Safely Burn Candles in Your Home?

There are many tips and tricks that could help you burn candles safely in your home, but certain rules are more important than others. The main safety tips we will mention in this section should always be taken into consideration, so be sure to read through these before anything else.

One of the first golden rules of burning candles in your home is never leaving a burning candle unattended. Even if you have bought one of our beautiful candle holders, flames are unpredictable. Therefore, keeping an eye on your burning candle is the trick to keep things safe.

The location where you burn your candle is important too. It is vital never to burn a candle near something flammable - this could include a box of tissues, paperwork, or other items made from materials that could catch on fire immediately. So, make sure you put your Spotlight candleholder in an appropriate location.

Finally, it is important to keep burning candles away from children and pets. Candles can be knocked over by accident, but they could also cause burns to children and pets who do not take the dangers of a burning candle into account. Therefore, always place your candleholder in a location that cannot be reached by the kids or the pets.

What Other Safety Tips Can I Use to Burn Candles Safely in My Candleholder?

There are many other things you can do to prevent accidents, including buying one of the safe candleholders from Spotlight. However, in addition to buying your candleholder, the following tips will help you keep your home safe from candle-related accidents.

Before you start burning your new candle, it is always a good idea to trim the wick of the candle just a little. Even though you should only trim it for a couple of millimetres, wicks that are too long could cause problems such as uneven burning and flaring.

We briefly mentioned the location of your candle already, more specifically keeping your candle away from flammable objects. Still, there are more things that are important where location is concerned because the surface you put your candleholder on is also vital to protecting your home against candle-related accidents.

When putting your candle and candleholder on any surface, please make sure the surface is heat-resistant and sturdy - this will prevent damage to the surface, but also prevent the candle from falling off. Even though your candleholder itself will be heat-resistant, the surface underneath should be too.

Once you have used your candle a couple of times, be sure to check the remaining wax for any signs of debris. If your candle wax contains any parts of the wick that have burned off, or some debris from another source, please remove them from the candle wax before relighting your candle.

Another tip for lighting your candles safely is ensuring your candle is not situated near any drafts. As you know already, a draft can easily make a candle wick flare and could even cause any items nearby to catch on fire. While it is certainly true that candles should only be lit in a well-ventilated room, it should never be in the path of an air current.

Most people who obtain a scented candle, or any candle for that matter, will never read the instructions that accompany the candle. Still, instructions accompanying your candle may include important safety instructions - this includes maximum burn time, correct lighting, and even the extinguishing of the candle. Based on this information, you can determine how long your candle can burn at a time as well - this time is important, since going over could make your candle a bit of a fire hazard.

Finally, it is important never to touch or move your candle once you have it lit. Many people who use scented or fragranced candles tend to do this but doing so is quite dangerous. It is also not recommended to fully burn a candle until no more wax remains. The remaining wax ensures the candle wick stays vertical and safe, so always discard candles when there is some of the wax left.

Have You Got a Durable Candle Holder?

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