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Check out the floristry accessories from Spotlight that ranges from artificial flowers to florist foams. Explore the beautiful floral collection online.

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Can I purchase floral accessories from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we stock a wide range of floral accessories, ideal for a multitude of different purposes. From essential tools such as cutters and metal clips with embellishments and finishing touches, browse our collection of floral accessories today. Available now at Spotlight's guaranteed low prices.

How can I purchase your range of floral accessories from Spotlight?

You can browse our collection of floral arrangements online, and we will deliver them right to your door. Or perhaps you would prefer to visit one of our nationwide stores, where our team of assistants will be happy to help.

What's included in your floral accessories range from Spotlight?

At Spotlight, we have an extensive range of floral accessions, and you can find everything from metal clips and cutters to burlap, garlands, and ribbons. Also featuring stones and sand, bowls, bottles, trays and even floral LED lighting to add a touch of twinkle to your final project.

How can I use your floral accessories when making floral arrangements?

Your purchase depends on what you have in mind for your final project. Check out our handy hints below for some flower arranging tips that will help you to get the most out of your display.

  • Ensure flowers are put into water at the earliest opportunity.
  • Cut an inch of the stem of the flower before inserting it, as this will ensure that the flowers can absorb maximum nutrition.
  • If your flowers need some help opening, warm water can help them to bloom. This can be particularly useful when working with roses or ranunculi.
  • Use floral foam to ensure that your flowers stay in place and hydrated.
  • Make sure that any leaves below the water line have been removed.
  • Keep your arrangements out of direct sunlight and away from air ventilation systems.

What is floral foam and how can I use it?

Floral foam looks a little bit easier than what it is. Do not be tempted to crush or press the delicate foam in its dry state, as this can damage the foams water holding capabilities. Before adding your floral foam make sure that the container surface area is completely dry and air must not get caught in the tiny cells. To use wet foam, place the block into a basin of water so that it is surrounded, do not press the foam down in anyway. Cut stems before you put them into the foam, pressing the stem directly into it.

What is burlap and how can I use it?

Burlap is made from jute, hemp or synthetic fibres and it is a long strip of material, with various widths available. Use burlap to add a touch of rustic charm to your family home, ideal for floral arrangements, DIY home decor projects and creative gift wrapping for that extra special someone.

What is floral lighting and how can I use it?

Use our fabulous range of floral lighting to add a touch of twinkle to your floral arrangements. These bright LED lights are available in various sizes and they can be placed around flowers, stems and vases. These lights will dramatically change the look of your arrangements. Ideal for stunningly romantic wedding decorations or for an extra special centrepiece, shop our range of floral lights now for premium quality sparkle at bargain prices.



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