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Learn About Fat Quarters And How To Use Them In Sewing?

When you are new to sewing, you may encounter some materials you have never heard of before. One such a material that can leave your flabbergasted is the so-called fat quarter, a pre-cut fabric that is used in quilting. If you are curious about fat quarters and how they are used, be sure to read our info below.

What Is A Fat Quarter?

As we briefly mentioned already, the fat quarter is a piece of pre-cut fabric used by quilters. In fact, the fat quarter is used so often, it is considered as a unit of measurement among quilters. One fat quarter is actually one of four pieces that has been cut from approximately one metre of fabric. In some cases, the measuring unit yard can be used as well. So, always check the origins of your fat quarter fabric.

How Is The Fat Quarter Obtained By Manufacturers?

To obtain a fat quarter, the manufacturer will take one metre or one yard of fabric and then cut it lengthwise. The two pieces that are obtained from this process are then cut again by width. In the end, you receive four pieces of fat quarter of the same size.

As for the applications for fat quarters, there are many. However, fat quarters prove extremely useful in crafts such as quilting. Since you can buy single pieces of fabric opposed to an entire metre, it enables you to use different colours and designs for the top of your quilt. So, if you do not have any spare fabric laying around and you want that kind of look for your quilt, a selection of fat quarters can prove very beneficial.

Smaller pieces such as fat quarters can also be used in projects where only a small amount of fabric is required, this may include some home decorations and ornaments. If you need some inspiration, be sure to check out some of the books at Spotlight.

What Should I Remember When Using Fat Quarters In Crafting?

When working with fat quarters, there are always some techniques to take into consideration. Here are some of our top recommendations for a variety of crafting projects.

Contrast - One of the biggest benefits of using fat quarters is that you can create contrast in any piece of work. Evidently, it is most used in quilting, but there are other applications too, this includes fashion design, home decorations, and accessory designs.

Prewash - While it may be easy to forget when you purchase smaller pieces of fabric, fat quarters still need to be prewashed. Most fabrics shrink after their first contact with water, and this could influence a project badly, this especially applies to quilting.

Finish edges - Before you prewash, it is a good idea to protect some of the edges of your fabric. As the fabric is cut before it arrives with you, the edges become more prone to fraying. Therefore, you should also apply a finish to the edge before you pop them in the washing machine.

What Projects Other Than Quilting Can I Do With Fat Quarters?

We already mentioned that there are a lot of things you can do with fat quarters aside from quilting, but we have not provided you with any real examples. If you are looking for inspiration, check out some of these options first.

A diaper bag - If you find those plain diaper bags too boring, you can create a more colourful one with some fat quarters. To create a beautiful effect, choose two fabrics with the same design but in a different colour. Use the darker fabric for the inside of the diaper bag to create amazing contrast.

A bib - Want to create a homemade bib with lots of patterns and detail? Then you can use your favourite selection of fat quarters. Use some animals, big polka dots, or other bold fat quarters for a standout design.

Baby booties - Yes, you can make baby booties out of fat quarters. Use one fabric to create the outside and another for the inside. You can either choose dark for the outside and light for the inside, or vice versa. Both look amazing and very detailed!



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