Specialty Quilting Fabrics

Specialty Quilting Fabrics

Looking for something specific in our quilting fabrics? In the specialty quilting fabrics range, you will find printed fabric designs including dinosaurs, giraffes, and owls, as well as honeysuckle fabrics and beautiful lame fabrics.

Mix and match with our many printed quilting fabrics and other lame fabrics for exquisite projects made at home. Choose from special Christmas designs, kids cartoon fabrics, fabrics for kitchens and bathrooms and much more to complete a variety of unique craft projects.

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  •   Pleated Glitter Knit

    Pleated Glitter Knit

    Poise and with a hint of classy style, this Pleated Glitter Knit is definitely a perfect fabric for any of your sew projects!

    Reg: $24.99

    VIP: $17.49

  •   Geometric Cotton Feel Polyester

    Geometric Cotton Feel Polyester

    Breathable, comfortable and stylish come all-together to create this remarkable Geometric Cotton Feel Polyester! Colours that you will absolutely love and adore, take your pick and experience cotton polyester like never before.

    Reg: $12.99

    VIP: $8.99

  •   Cotton Feel Poly Pom Poms

    Cotton Feel Poly Pom Poms

    Cute, lovable, and huggable, this remarkable Cotton Feel Poly Pom Poms is surely delicate and comfortable fabric to add into you sew projects! Remarkable colours to choose from, come and sew away with us today.

    Reg: $19.99

    VIP: $13.99

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Can I purchase specialty quilting fabrics at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight stock a number of different fabrics that are suitable for quilting and other sewing projects. Here you will find a mixture of fabrics with different textures, designs and properties, so browse our range to find something outstanding for your next quilting project.

What should I look out for when buying quilting fabrics?

Many different types of fabric are suitable for quilting, but try to steer clear of very heavy fabrics or fabrics with a very loose weave. Here are a few more things to consider:

  • Colour: Decide whether you want to go for an overall colour or if you want to mix and match a variety of colours. Deciding whether certain colours work together or not is best done by holding some swatches together and judging the effect. Sometimes it is a god idea to start with a patterned fabric, and then to choose the main four or five colours that appear in that fabric as the colours to add in plain or checked, striped or other complementary fabrics.
  • Pattern: Most quilts are a mixture of plain and patterned fabrics - try to find a balance between plain, bold colours and fabrics with small and large patterns, or decide in advance that you will use one type of fabric only. Plain fabric can show up errors in sewing more easily. Monochrome quilts or quilts that are made using the same fabric in different colours can be very striking.
  • Design: Decide who your quilted item should appeal to when it is finished. A baby quilt may have lots of cute materials in it with pictures of teddies, dinosaurs or butterflies, or you may go for animal fabrics, decide on a theme such as Christmas or Easter, or match the decor in a particular room of your home or the home of the person you are making the quilt for.

What can I make using quilting fabrics?

Of course, everyone has heard of quilted bedspreads, coverlets and throws, but you can also make smaller pieces such as table, chest or bed runners, wall hangings, decorations, cushions, pictures, or even pot holders. The possibilities are endless and every item is unique.

Does Spotlight sell other fabrics too?

Yes, our specialty quilting fabrics are just one small part of the huge range of fabrics on offer at Spotlight. As well as quilting fabrics, you will find dressmaking and tailoring fabrics, curtain and blind fabrics, upholstery fabrics, general purpose fabrics, craft fabrics and more here at Spotlight, all available by the metre for all your sewing projects. Browse our fabrics range to get an idea of the many items on offer, which also include specialist fabrics such as fur, faux leather, waterproof canvas, hessian fabric and much more.