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Elna is a sewing machine company committed to bringing excellence to sewists. The Elna trademark has earned a significant place in the sewing industry having been around since 1940 with the launch of the Elna #1, the first compact, portable, electric sewing machine with a free arm. Over the years the range of sewing machines has expanded, technology has evolved and so has the variety of products, one of which was an overlocker range.

Behind each product stands Elna's dedication to excellence and quality. Elna has a firm belief in making sewing fun and enjoyable. To make sewing fun, the Elna machines are created to be easy-to-use, versatile and modern. Select your Elna today and let it lead you to explore, experience and express your creativity on your sewing journey.

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  • Elna 40 Sewing Machine

    Elna 40 Sewing Machine

    The Elna 40 sewing machine is a machine with plenty of functions to help tackle your latest sewing projects. The built in needle threader lets you get started right away, as does the simple start/stop button. This machine features a wide range of stitching styles to choose from, letting you select t...

    Reg: $549.00

  • Elna 1000 Sewing Machine

    Elna 1000 Sewing Machine

    This user-friendly machine is perfect for your basic sewing needs. The fourteen stitch options offer a simple selection of styles, and the four-step buttonhole function lets you create garments with ease. This uncomplicated machine is perfect for beginners, or those who just require elementary use f...

    Reg: $249.00

  •   Elna 21 Sewing Machine

    Elna 21 Sewing Machine

    This sensational sewing machine is easy to use as well as highly versatile. Featuring fifty-eight stitch functions and Snap-on feet for quick changes, this hardy machine is a staple for any sewing room. Tough enough to sew denim, this machine is built around a die-cast metal frame and includes a bui...

    Reg: $249.00

    VIP: $149.00

  •   Elna EL2000 Sewing Machine

    Elna EL2000 Sewing Machine

    This sensational sewing machine comes with a multitude of features to help you take on any sewing task. With a twin-needle capacity and a front-loading bobbin, this sewing machine can sew anything from satin to denim. The twelve included stitch styles have adjustable widths and lengths, and the conv...

    Reg: $249.00

    VIP: $99.00

  • Elna 792D Overlocker

    Elna 792D Overlocker

    This Elna overlocker combines plenty of features at an affordable price. Able to be used as a three or four thread, the 792D has electronic foot control, a carry handle and adjustable stitch lengths and cutting widths. This overlocker is able to perform three thread overlock, wide thread and rolled ...

    Reg: $399.00

  • Elna Foot Button

    Elna Foot Button

    Think of the fun possibilities beyond using buttons just as closures. With this easy to use Elna Foot Button, no matter the button shape, sew buttons on in one quick and easy step. Don't worry about your buttons falling off because a thread shank can be created at the same time the button is securel...

    Reg: $34.99

  • Elna Foot Roller

    Elna Foot Roller

    Sew difficult fabrics like denim, velvet or leather with ease using this nifty Elna Foot Roller. This foot roller will get over those fabrics and other difficult fabrics such as canvas, suede or vinyl with ease compared to your regular presser foot. It helps ease and facilitate your fabrics to be se...

    Reg: $39.99

  • Elna Foot Bias Binder

    Elna Foot Bias Binder

    Add bias tape trim to finish an edge with ease using this marvellous Elna Foot Bias Binder that proves to be a great construction method for reversible garments. It is also suited to create frog closures, button loops and ties. The spiral cone on this foot wraps the bias tape (pre-folded or not) aro...

    Reg: $39.99

  • Elna Piping Foot

    Elna Piping Foot

    This handy Elna Piping Foot piping foot is ideal if readymade piping cord is not available or if you just want to make one yourself. This foot is designed with two grooves on the underside that will hold and cover the cord when making the piping tape. It can also be used for attaching the piping. Fo...

    Reg: $44.99

  • Elna Blind Stitch Foot

    Elna Blind Stitch Foot

    The Elna Blind Stitch Foot is a sewing essential for any sewing enthusiast.

    Reg: $49.99

  • Elna Globe 15W

    Elna Globe 15W

    Have an easy shine to your sew machine with this easy to use Elna Globe 15W. Made exquisite and fitting for most Elna sewing machines, this bayonet type bulb is made to go. Just push it in its socket and it is ready to light up your sewing machine. Made from durable and high quality glass and metal ...

    Reg: $9.99

  • Elna Bobbin Metal Swiss Lotus

    Elna Bobbin Metal Swiss Lotus

    As a professional sewist or seamstress, you would always not have enough bobbins to go through your sewing needs. How about taking home this durable and dandy Elna Bobbin Metal Swiss Lotus with you? It helps you take care of your threading needs and made to fit perfectly on most of Elna sewing machi...

    Reg: $11.99

  • Elna Bobbin Holder Top Load Mach

    Elna Bobbin Holder Top Load Mach

    Keep your bobbins in place and with ease using this nifty and handy Elna Bobbin Holder Top Load Mach. It is made from sturdy and high quality plastic material that will ensure prolonged use and durability. Fits most of Elna top loading bobbin sewing machines, it is the perfect piece for your beloved...

    Reg: $59.99

  • Elna Sewing Pin Circular

    Elna Sewing Pin Circular

    Sew in circles with ease and delight using this handy Elna Sewing Pin Circular. Fitting for most of Elna sewing machine models, this piece is made from high quality and durable metal plus plastic material making it long lasting and handy for long usage period. Create a more extravagant and creative ...

    Reg: $16.99

  • Elna Shank For Quarter Inch Foot

    Elna Shank For Quarter Inch Foot

    Keep your sew machine quarter inch foot in check with this handy and stylish Elna Shank For Quarter Inch Foot. With a dashing black with hints of red colour combination, this metal and plastic material piece will stand prolonged use and provide the stylish colour and design to your sewing machine. M...

    Reg: $24.99

  • Elna Press Foam

    Elna Press Foam

    Made for Elna machines, this Elna Press Foam is used to ensure top quality ironing results. Similar to the ironing cloth, this item needs to be changed from time to time. Foam padding flattens after prolonged use, and your pressing results will be unsatisfactory. If the press does not open and close...

    Reg: $19.99

  • Elna Plastic Bobbins

    Elna Plastic Bobbins

    Elna Plastic Bobbins, is a premium high quality clear plastic bobbins, made for durability and long lasting.

    Reg: $5.99

  • Elna Elina 100 Sewing Machine

    Elna Elina 100 Sewing Machine

    The Elna Elina 100 Sewing Machine is designed to perfectly compliment the intermediate/ advanced sewing enthusiast. It comes jam packed with lots of great features to easily help the user with their sewing needs....

    Reg: $899.00

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  • Elna Experience 510 Sewing Machine

    Elna Experience 510 Sewing Machine

    This convenient and versatile Elna Experience 510 Sewing Machine is speedy and responsive, equipped with the latest technology to make your sewing projects a breeze. Featuring adjustable stitch width and length with decorative and blanket stitches, the clear stitch reference guide combines plenty of...

    Reg: $300.00

  • Elna Elina Pro Overlocker

    Elna Elina Pro Overlocker

    Elna Elina Pro Overlocker is ideal for sewing stretch fabrics and hemming the skirts. With overlocker you can cut, hem, sew and assemble the garments quick and with ease.

    Reg: $699.00

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