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How To Select The Right Barware For My Home Bar

Many people are now including a bar in their home, as it proves useful for family gatherings and parties. One of the things that needs to be added to your home bar is the right selection of barware. So, how do you choose the best barware for your bar? Read on to find out!

What Are Some Of The Things I Should Avoid When I Purchase Barware For My Home Bar?

As long as you stick with the theme of your bar, there is no real thing no-no. That being said, one thing that should be avoided is very thing glassware. If you purchase glassware that is to thin, it is more prone to breaking and shattering. The stem of the glass could easily break too while you wash your glasses, so stay away from options that are too thin.

How To Maintain The Glassware I Obtained For My Home Bar?

When you invest a considerable amount in a selection of glassware, it is usually recommended to handwash it. While most glass is dishwasher safe, washing your glasses in a dishwasher can make them more prone to breaking.

Once you have washed your glasses in some soapy water, always make sure you rinse them properly before drying them. If you do not rinse your glasses, some soap may remain on the glassware. In turn, this can cause spots and smudges, something you are trying to avoid on your glasses.

As soon as you have rinsed your glasses, it is recommended to dry them immediately. If you leave them to dry naturally, it can lead to water spots, especially if you live in a hard water area.

How Do I Store My Bar Glassware When It Is Not In Use?

When you are not using your glassware, you should always store your glasses standing upside down. If you store your glasses the right way up, they can accumulate dust and debris. Some glasses are also more prone to tumbling over, especially when the design on the top is heavier than the bottom.

What Are The Must-Have Glasses For My Home Bar?

Now that we have covered the maintenance and storage of your new glassware, let us take a look at some of the glasses you must have for your home bar.

Cocktail glass - A selection of cocktail glasses is an absolute must, especially for someone with his or her own bar at home. This type of glass is characterised by a conical shape on the top and can come with or without a stem. The cocktail glass is also referred to as the martini glass, so there are more applications than just your average cocktail.

Highball glass - Highball drinking glasses are commonly found in most households, as they are used as regular drinking glasses. As the name indicates, the glass is characterised by its tallness.

In addition to the traditional highball glass, you can also acquire the similar Collins glass. While they look very similar, the Collins glass is usually less wide than the highball glass. In most cases, it is also taller than the highball.

There are a lot of applications for both highball and Collins glass. They are brilliant for drinks that require a considerable amount of ice, so a juice-based alcoholic drink will do well in this type of glass. Of course, you can also use highball and Collins glasses to serve your non-alcoholic beverages.

Lowball glass - When you have a selection of highball glasses, you also need the lowball glasses to match. Just like highball glasses, this glass caters to a considerable amount of ice. However, it is not used for mixed juice drinks. Instead, it is a prime choice for whiskey and other liquors.

Shot glass - The final glassware you need in your home bar is the shot glass. As the name suggests, shot glasses are used for shots. Of course, these glasses are often dropped in bigger glasses to create the required mixture, for example, a Jager bomb. So, there are more applications than shots alone for these glasses.

Choosing glassware can be complicated, but it does not have to be. With our convenient guide, you will find the best selection of glasses for your home bar in no time at all.



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