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The Different Types Of Curtain Lining And Their Uses

When you get more familiar with curtains and their materials, you will start to look at some of the details before you purchase new curtains. One of the things you will look at is the presence of curtain lining, which are added to your curtains to extend their lifespan as well as make them look better.

Today, we have created a guide to curtain lining for you. So, if you are not that familiar with curtain lining and the things to look out for, be sure to read this useful guide and acquire the best product for your needs.

What Is Curtain Lining?

Curtain lining is an additional layer of fabric, which is added to the back of your curtains. The lining of your curtains is often visible from the outside of your home, as the lining will face the window. Therefore, the design and overall look of curtain lining is important.

What Does Curtain Lining Do?

Curtain lining can have a variety of functions. As mentioned in the introduction, the right kind of curtain lining can make your curtains look better and make them more durable. In addition to that, lining can also influence the drape of your curtain, once again improving its aesthetics within your home.

The right kind of curtain lining can have an additional benefit. When made from the right material, lining can protect the remaining fabric against sunlight and dirt, these are factors that could decrease the lifespan of your curtains. In addition to that, lining also provides additional protection against draughts, which proves useful for your utility bill!

What Is Standard Lining?

Standard lining is probably the most common type of curtain lining you will come across. Most types of standard curtain lining are made from a polyester/cotton blend, providing durability as well as a beautiful look.

Due to the nature of polyester and cotton, standard lining can come in variety of different colours. However, the most common colour to come across for standard lining is white.

What Is Blackout Lining?

Blackout lining is added to the so-called blackout curtains. These types of curtains have a specific purpose, as they are designed to keep the light out. Therefore, blackout lining will often be used on curtains for the bedroom or other rooms where you want to keep the sunlight out.

For blackout lining, manufacturers can use a variety of materials. You can encounter the common polyester/cotton blend, but some manufacturers also use satin for its light-blocking qualities. Like other lining materials, these fabrics are also available in different colours.

Please note that blackout lining can only be effective when your curtains are installed properly. A lot of homeowners experience some light coming through the curtains, despite the fact they have bought blackout curtains. The reason for that is the installation. If your curtains are not installed 10 centimetres beyond the edges of the window, then light will still find its way in.

What Is Thermal Lining?

Homeowners who want to save on their utility bills will take a good look at thermal lining, as this type of curtain is designed to prevent the loss of heat inside the home. The materials used for thermal lining also provide added protection against the sunlight, making your curtains more durable.

For thermal lining, manufacturers will use the same materials as mentioned earlier, this includes polyester, satin, and cotton. However, to ensure the thermal qualities of the fabric is enhanced, a lot of manufacturers will coat the back of the material with an acrylic coating, this can make the thermal lining more durable and more effective at the prevention of heat loss.

Can I Get Curtain Lining At Spotlight?

Spotlight provides its customers with curtain lining, but also premade curtains. So, if you are not that handy and cannot make your own curtains, you can buy some premade curtains for an amazing price in our catalogue. Of course, if you are handy, there are a bunch of different fabrics and accessories to choose from, this way, you can create your dream curtains from scratch.

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