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How To Take Care Of Your Curtains And Their Accessories?

Once you have purchased your accessories and finally obtained the curtain look you've always wanted, it is still important to keep your curtains maintained. If curtains are not taken care of, they could start to discolour or even smell! Fortunately, Spotlight comes to the rescue today with some easy maintenance and care tips.

How Do I Make Sure My New Curtains Keep On Looking Good?

When you purchase a new set of curtains, or even if you've made them yourself, you want to make sure that these curtains remain in pristine condition. And, there are some things you can do to make that happen.

Vacuum regularly: No matter how clean your home is, your curtains are a prime spot for dust and grime. Even those homes that are spotless could encounter curtains with dust and grime, this since dust particles can easily travel through the air.

To counter the damage dust and grime could cause to your curtains over time, it is advised to vacuum your curtains regularly. When you vacuum the curtains, always make sure you do so with the proper brush attachment.

Redress for success: When a curtain hangs in the same position for a long period of time, it can start to lose its lustre. The same applies to curtains who are always open or tied back. If you want to make sure your curtains look as good as the day you bought them, it does not hurt to redress them from time to time. Simply shake them up just a little to keep the fabric in pristine condition.

Steaming: There are various methods to clean curtains, but the least intensive is steaming. Steaming does not only remove some of the dust and grime that may have accumulated on your curtain fabric, it can also remove any lingering odour that has attached itself to your curtain over time.

Black-out lining: Even the most beautiful fabrics can be susceptible to sunlight. When curtains are in sunlight for longer periods of time, you could encounter a curtain that starts to discolour. To prevent this, you could consider adding black-out lining on the side where the curtain faces the sun. By doing so, you prevent fading and other damage the sun could cause to your fabric.

Washing: There can be some instances where you have to take off your curtains completely and wash them. With this, it is important to always read the care instructions. Some curtain fabrics may require special attention at the dry cleaner, so be sure to follow that recommendation if you should encounter it.

What Is The Best Way To Hang My Curtains After A Clean?

Once you have cleaned your curtains, it is time to hang them back in place! Depending on the type of curtain you have, the method can vary.

Eyelet: For eyelet curtains, always begin with the end with the front facing you. Then, place the first eyelet on the pole and continue in an alternating fashion. Once you have done both sides, make sure you tighten the rod if necessary.

Pencil pleat: With this type of curtain, it is recommended to always start in the middle. Doing so will provide an even force on the curtain and prevent unwanted rips or tears, this can especially be useful for lighter fabrics.

Pinch pleat: Since most of these curtains are made to measure, you will find that hanging them on the track or pole is quite straightforward. However, the thing to take into consideration here is the overall drop. Remember, you can adjust the drop by moving the hook, so you can always experiment a little before you put everything back into place.

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