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Easy sheer curtain fabrics from Spotlight are sold by the metre, allowing you to get the right size you need. Shop with us online or in-store today!

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Can I purchase easy sheers at Spotlight?

Yes, here at Spotlight we stock a range of easy sheer curtains and sheer materials to instantly transform your windows. Shers allow in plenty of light while offering privacy, and can help to reduce sun damage around your home. Choose from ready-made easy sheers, complete with eyelets that can be quickly and easily fitted to a curtain pole or rod, or alternatively by sheer curtain material and sew your own.

What exactly are easy sheers?

These aptly named easy sheer curtains from Spotlight are sheer curtains which have already been hemmed at the bottom and have eyelets in the top for easy installation. They are sold by the metre, allowing you to get the right size of curtain no matter how wide your windows. They are available in several colours and different lengths. Allow about one and a half to two times the width of your window to get a nice full drape of your easy sheer curtains.

How do I put up my easy sheers?

Our ready-made easy sheers have eyelets in the top, which you can simply slip over a wooden or metal curtain rod or pole to create an instant window dressing that gives you extra privacy or helps to filter the sunlight. If you are making your own easy sheers, you can use our eyelet tape or heading tape to finish off your curtains, or make simple tab tops for the top that will slide over a curtain rod. There are many ways to create stylish and elegant sheer curtains for all the areas of your home.

How do I care for easy sheers?

Easy sheers can be gently washed by hand (washing in the machine is not recommended as the eyelets may cause damage to the curtain or the machine) and rinsed, after which they can drip dry on the washing line or even back at the window. They should not need ironing but if creases have developed, iron them on a gentle warmth with a cotton cloth protecting them from the iron surface. If your white easy sheers have lost their brightness, there are special laundry products that can help restore them to a crisp white.

Where else can I use easy sheers around the home?

Easy sheers can be used for all types of windows, doors, patio doors, or even as room dividers. You can also use them in the bedroom as an alternative to mosquito nets or to create a princess bed for a little girl. The possibilities are very varied and you will find easy sheers to be versatile and practical in many different situations. Browse our range of easy sheers here at Spotlight today, to find your perfect window covering at great prices.



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