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Tab Top Sheer Curtains

Tab Top Sheer Curtains

For a stylish and delicate window dressing, take a look at these modern tab-top sheer curtains from Spotlight.

Made to easily slip over most size curtain poles, tab top curtains can be used to accent a window by having the curtain hanging on either side, or closed to filter the light.

Choose from a number of different designs and colourways to match your decor and style. Tab top curtains are often sold as single curtains so choose one for a narrow window or door, and two or more for wider windows.

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  • KOO Crystal Tap Top Sheer Curtains

    KOO Crystal Tap Top Sheer Curtains

    KOO Crystal Tap Top Sheer Curtains is a plain weave and is light weight that adds soft touch to any room. The sheer fabric gently diffuses light and offers privacy. Make sure your window furnishings stand out in style with the KOO Crystal Tap Top Sheer Curtains. It features a modern design that will...

    Reg: $19.00

  • Caprice Blush Tab Top Curtain

    Caprice Blush Tab Top Curtain

    Blush Tab Tops are a new addition to our extensive range of sheers and come in a hang sell pack that makes it easy to see the colours and make your selection. Blush is available as a single curtain in 1 size and 11 modern fashion colours. This range of Tab Tops comes as a 140cm width and a 213cm dro...

    Reg: $10.00

  • KOO Lennox Concealed Tab Top Curtain

    KOO Lennox Concealed Tab Top Curtain

    The KOO Lennox Concealed Tab Top Curtain features a modern design that will add subtle texture to your window furnishings, enhancing the ambience of any room of the house.

    Reg: $39.99

  • Filigree Zetta Concealed Tab Top

    Filigree Zetta Concealed Tab Top

    The stunning Filigree Zetta Concealed Tab Top is a light weight slabbed sheer curtain. The simple texture creates a light and breezy window covering. Its light filtering quality lets light in while maintaining privacy. It is also easy to install, requiring simple curtain rods....

    Reg: $29.99

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What are tab top sheer curtains?

Although their name is often misunderstood, tab top curtains are one of the most commonly used types of curtain in the Australian home. The tabs on tab top curtains are the exposed loops (tabs) of fabric that you can see on the curtains. These tabs are looped around a curtain pole or rod. Here at Spotlight, we sell traditional tab top sheer curtains, but also concealed tab top sheer curtains, which are fastened to the curtain rod in the same way, but are fitted h=behind the curtain rather than along the top. Some people prefer this look.

Can I purchase tab top sheer curtains at Spotlight?

Yes you can! Spotlight offers a number of tab top sheer curtains in a range of colours, sizes and designs to suit your style and home. Sometimes tab top sheer curtains are sold as individual panels, which also makes them ideal for narrow windows or doors, where one curtain will be wide enough. Because they are not gathered in pleats, tab top sheer curtains do not have to be quite as wide as some other sheer curtains, which can make them more economical too. For wider windows, just use two or more panels to cover the width you need.

Can I use tab top sheer curtains in my kids rooms?

Spotlight stocks a number of fun designs in the tab top sheer curtains range, including Batman, Spiderman and Disneys Frozen designs, which are all very popular with kids. Team them with roller blinds if you are worried about the bedroom not getting dark enough for them to sleep. Or take a look at some of the other tab top sheer curtains that come in a large range of modern colours, some of which will be ideal for kids bedrooms too.

How do I care for my tab top sheer curtains?

Sheer curtains are delicate, so many will be labelled as hand wash only, and generally, a light soak followed by a rinse will be sufficient. Let them drip dry on the line or hang them back up to dry, as they cannot normally be ironed. Never put your sheer curtains in the tumble dryer as most of them will not cope well with the movement and heat of the dryer.

Does Spotlight sell other sheer curtains apart from tab top sheer curtains?

Here at Spotlight, you will find pencil pleat sheer curtains, rod pocket sheer curtains and eyelet sheer curtains as well, plus many fabrics to make your own curtains if you prefer. Sheer curtains are available in a large number of colours, sizes (both widths and drops), styles and prices, so browse the range of sheer curtains at Spotlight today to find your perfect sheer curtains.

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