Rod Pocket Sheer Curtains

Rod Pocket Sheer Curtains

Dress your windows with some delicate sheer rod pocket curtains from Spotlight.

Easy to fix, your curtain rod simply slides into the curtain rod pocket that is sewn into the top of the curtain, and your sheer curtain is ready for use. Choose from different styles of rod pocket sheer curtains in different lengths and colourways to suit most rooms in your home.

These sheer rod pocket curtains will give you an attractive window finish that filters the light while providing some privacy.

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  • Filigree Monica Lace Rod Pocket Sheer Curtain

    Filigree Monica Lace Rod Pocket Sheer Curtain

    Knitted in the traditional way, using the same equipment Filigree laces have always been made with. The Monica Lace features a classic leaf scroll pattern that will add an elegant and classic touch to your home, while offering privacy and light filtering benefits. The versatile Taped Rod Pocket head...

    Reg: $39.99 - $49.99

  • Filigree Eloquence Lace Rod Pocket Sheer Curtain

    Filigree Eloquence Lace Rod Pocket Sheer Curtain

    Elegant and simple, Eloquence features a subtle shine that radiates light and warmth in a room. The sheer tricot fabric is packaged in handy 3 and 5 metres packs creating a generous curtain. A perfect combination of stylish and practical....

    Reg: $39.99 - $49.99

  • Filigree Boulevard Lace Curtain

    Filigree Boulevard Lace Curtain

    Soft and breezy, Boulevard features boucle yarn weave that adds a subtle texture. The soft weave drapes beautifully on the window to create a relaxed, airy feel. This simple yet stylish curtain fabric is packaged in handy 3 and 5 metres packs creating a generous curtain effect. A perfect combinati...

    Reg: $39.99 - $49.99

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Can I purchase rod pocket sheer curtains at Spotlight?

Spotlight has a great range of rod pocket sheer curtains in different styles, sizes, and colours. They vary in style to match any interior, from very traditional to ultra-modern. The range includes a number of white or off-white rod pocket sheers, but there are many coloured options too, as well as sheer curtains with designs, and even black, all with the same easy rod pocket fixing that just slides over your curtain rod.

How do I put up sheer rod pocket curtains?

Sheer curtains are generally lighter than fabric curtains, so they do not need a heavy duty curtain pole. Take a look at some of the many metal curtain rods for sale here at Spotlight, as these will be ideal for your rod pocket sheer curtains. Some of the rod pocket sheers are sold as single curtain panels, while others are pairs of curtains, so make sure you check the measurements of each style of curtain to ensure you get the right fit.

What if I have not got room for long rod pocket sheer curtains?

Then take a look at some of Spotlights shorter rod pocket sheer curtain options such as X-Over Rod Pocket or the Jardiniere Rod Pocket Sheer Curtain, both available in different colourways and different widths, which will cover just part of your window and wont extend beyond the window sill.

Can I use sheer curtains in kids rooms?

Of course! Choose from some of the lovely coloured options such as pink, purple and blue, to match your childs bedroom decor, or add a fun design such as the very popular Frozen sheer rod pocket curtains. With some imagination, sheer curtains are also ideal to make a princess bed, curtain off a play area or even divide a shared bedroom.

What else is included in the range?

Our rod pocket sheer curtains also include some seasonal novelty curtains that will light up the holiday season in your home! Featuring a light up lace panel, these curtains come with a strand of battery-powered LED lights, and feature a Christmas Tree or a Father Christmas with presents.

How do I look after my rod pocket sheer curtains?

Sheer curtains are delicate, so many will be labelled as hand wash only, and generally, a light soak followed by a rinse will be sufficient. Let them drip dry on the line or hang them back up to dry if possible, as they cannot normally be ironed. Never put in the tumble dryer as most sheer curtains will not cope well with the movement and heat of the dryer.

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