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Metal Curtain Rods

Curtain Rods

Finish off the look of your windows and doors in style with these elegant metal curtain rods from Spotlight.

Available in a number of lengths and with different finishes, metal curtain rods can be combined with classic designs as well as contemporary interiors. Choose from several different styles, designs and colours including black, gunmetal grey, copper and white.

You can choose the length that suits your window or check out the many extendable curtain rods that can be adjusted to suit and are easy to install.

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Can I purchase metal curtain rods at Spotlight?

Yes, Spotlight offers a large range of metal curtain rods in a number of different styles and finishes to complement every style of interior, all at great prices. Take a look at the range today and see the many different options available, including extendable curtain rods as well as rods with stylish decorative details, in silver, grey, black and copper finishes.

Can I use metal curtain rods for all types of window?

Metal curtain rods or poles will work well for most every type of window, as long as you have a little room on each side of the window so that the track can extend past the window, with room to accommodate the decorative finials (end decorations) that are part of the rod. For windows that do not have room on either side of the window, a curtain track may be a better option. These are also available here at Spotlight.

Do metal curtain rods come in different colours?

Yes, you will find metal curtain rods in a number of different shades and colours here at Spotlight, from darkest black to silver grey, as well as copper and gunmetal shades too. Some will have a shiny finish while others may be more matt in appearance. This will allow you to find the perfect finish to complement your wallpaper, curtains or other furnishings in the room.

How do I fix my metal curtain rods to the wall?

Curtain rods usually come with all fittings included, which will also include wall brackets to fix the rods to your walls. For very heavy curtains, some extra brackets may be advisable, and you will find those at Spotlight too.

What lengths do metal curtain rods come in?

Some metal curtain rods come in fixed lengths (which can usually be shortened if needed by using a small hacksaw), such as 120 cm, 180 cm and 230 cm. Other metal curtain rods come as extendable rods, which means that they can be adjusted to size. Two common options are 120 cm extending to 210 cm, and 165 cm extending up to 300 cm, but please check individual descriptions or product labels.

Which types of curtain can I use with metal curtain rods?

You will have a choice of different options, depending on how you want your curtains to hang. Eyelet curtains, tab top curtains and rod pocket curtains can hang directly on the metal curtain rod, while pleated curtains can be attached with hooks to the rings that can hang from the metal curtain rod. You can choose sheer curtains for filtering the light, or heavier, room darkening curtains, depending on your preference.

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