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Curtain Weights

Curtain Weights

Do you have some pets in the house and want to protect your fabrics?

Get some fabric protector from Spotlight for your pillows, curtains and sofas!

Our fabric protectors not only protect you from Pets but also against spills and stains!

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What are curtain weights used for?

Curtain weights or drapery weights are used to weigh down the bottom of curtains to keep them from flaring out at the hems and side seams. It keeps curtains hanging down straight with evenly formed pleats at all times.

Curtain weights can also be used to keep curtains from blowing away every time there’s a gust of wind.

Why are curtain weights necessary?

Ideally, curtains should have nice clean folds that are uniform from top to bottom. This is all depends on a couple of factors like the weight of the fabric used or the way the curtain or its lining was sewn.

Fabrics that are too light, such as polyester or blended fabrics that have high polyester content, are more likely to create wavy uneven folds or have breaks in the folds when looking at the curtains from top to bottom. This is mostly because lightweight fabrics aren’t heavy enough to fall down evenly or stiff enough to hold the folds easily.

Curtains with linings can also look uneven when it has sections where there’s a lot of empty space and static between the curtain fabric and the lining. Causing it to look too puffy or ruffled in some areas.

Usually, these issues can be minimised if the fabric is trained and aligned properly during the sewing phase. But when this isn’t enough to produce the desired results, curtain weights can easily be placed in strategic areas so that the curtains can fall down easily and create more evenly spaced folds.

How do you use a curtain weight?

Curtain weights are placed inside the hems of the curtains which keeps them hidden away from view. If the curtain hems have already been sewn up, you can take out the seams in small sections to create a big enough opening for the curtain weights to be inserted. Once inside the hems, you can keep the curtain weights from moving around by stitching them permanently to the fabric or simply taping them down.

What are the different types of curtain weights?

There are two main types of curtain weights. The most common ones are the small individual curtain weights that come in different shapes and sizes.

The second type of curtain weight are sold in strips which are placed along the entire length of the hem. Sometimes these curtain weight strips are also wrapped in a simple cotton casing so they won’t easily show through sheer fabric.

Curtain weights come in a variety of weights to suit different types of fabric. Lead-free curtain weights are also a popular option that is widely available.

What curtain accessories does Spotlight Stores offer?

We offer a variety of different rings, hooks and cords that will let you properly hang up your curtains and blinds. We also have accessories like hemming tape that will let you easily adjust the length of your curtains without any sewing. For those who like to go the DIY route, check out our curtain making essentials such as heading tape, eyelets, wave tape and elastic webbing.

How much does delivery cost?

Spotlight Stores offers flat fee shipping of $8.99 for all standard sized items delivered to any Australian address. Whether you order just one item or lots of different curtain accessories, we’ll charge the same delivery fee. Items are typically delivered within 2 to 5 business days from the date of dispatch.

Products that fall under the Big & Bulky or Oversized categories are charged different flat fee rates. Check our Delivery page for more details.

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