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The Best Way To Maintain Your New Venetian Blinds From Spotlight

At Spotlight, customers can choose their favourite Venetian blinds from our affordable catalogue. Once you have obtained your Venetian blinds, you want to enjoy them for a long time. To ensure your Venetian blinds stay pristine for many years, here is our comprehensive maintenance guide for your blinds!

Can I Clean Venetian Blinds With Water?

One of the advantages of Venetian blinds is that they are less susceptible to water damage than other blinds. Therefore, you can certainly use water to clean your blinds. However, we do need to mention that the use of water is only necessary when your blinds are sufficiently dirty. In those cases, you can take the blinds down and use a big tub with water or your bath to get those Venetian blinds clean.

Before you wash your Venetian blinds, always pull the slats into open position and pull them to the top before removing the blinds. Also, ensure there is ample protection for the blinds in the bathroom or the other room where you will clean the blinds. Ideally, you want to leave some towels on the floor. Not only does this protect the area against water, it gives you a place to put the blinds down if you need to without damaging them.

To wash your blinds, simply fill the tub with some water and a little bit of laundry detergent. Ensure the water and the detergent are mixed well but be careful not to create too many bubbles. Once you are happy with your cleaning mixture. Put the blinds into the water and use a soft sponge to clean each of the slats.

Once you are done with washing the slats, be sure to rinse the blinds off completely. Any remaining laundry detergent could cause some unwanted stains on the material, so you must make sure those are removed before you start drying the slats. To dry the slats, always use a dry and clean microfibre cloth.

Please note, even after drying the blinds you should leave them in the open position on your window for at least six hours. If you still feel any dampness after that, you can leave them open for an additional six hours.

How Do I Maintain Venetian Blinds Without Washing Them?

Maintaining Venetian blinds without washing them is relatively simple. That being said, it is important to be informed about the most common types of damage that may occur with these blinds. For painted metal blinds, always look out for cracks, scratches, and other damage to the paint work.

One of the things that must be done on a regular basis is to remove any dust from your blinds. You can do this with a vacuum cleaner, although you must take care not to damage any of the material, this means using the proper extension.

Before you start cleaning your Venetian blinds with a vacuum cleaner, always turn the slats into the right position. For the easiest clean, the slats should always be facing you, this means they are in the open position, but not fully.

During the vacuum cleaning, you may have to turn the slats the other way around once you've done one end. Remember, you need to vacuum both sides of the slats to ensure it is dust free.

In addition to vacuum cleaning your blinds, you can use a simple microfibre cloth as well. Dry microfibre cloths are brilliant for dusting, as they pick up small particles such as dust without much trouble. There are also special gloves you can use to clean your Venetian blinds. Then, all you need to do is grip one of the slats and move your hand from the left to the right.

Naturally, vacuum cleaning and dusting can only do so much in terms of cleaning your blinds. If your Venetian blinds have a visible stain or a greasy mark, you might have to use some mild cleaning product on a damp cloth. One stain does not mean you have to put your blinds in to the bath tub with some detergent, but if you notice several stains, the bath tub may be the more effective cleaning method.



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