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Panel blinds can be perfect to block out the light to keep your home insulated from the rays of the sun. Explore our panel blinds from Spotlight.

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Everything You Need To Know About Panel Blinds

Panel blinds are a popular method for window dressing, allowing as much or as little sunlight in as you want while providing privacy. If you have never had panel blinds before, but are considering it, then we recommend checking out the detailed information guide to panel blinds below.

What Are Panel Blinds?

The panel blind was invented for large window surfaces and patio doors, so it provides a considerable amount of coverage. Because of its versatile look, you can use this window dressing in contemporary as well as traditional settings.

In addition to its function as a window treatment, many homeowners also use panel blinds as a room divider. If you have an open plan home, then installing some panel blinds can provide you with more privacy in communal living areas when you require it.

Please note that panel blinds can come in various materials these days. They can come in anything from wood to fabric, so this is something to take into consideration when you are considering the look and the maintenance you want for your panel blinds.

What Are The Benefits Of Panel Blinds?

As we mentioned briefly already, panel blinds can be incredibly versatile. It can be a window treatment that provides privacy and regulates light, but it can also function as a room divider. So, anyone looking for a versatile window treatment will find a solution with panel blinds.

Panel blind can also cover larger windows. Curtains can be a little more difficult to operate when you have several large windows in your home, so a set of panel blinds can be easier and more convenient in these situations.

You can also find panel blinds in a number of colours, materials, and finishes, this enables you to incorporate them flawlessly into your home's design. In some cases, you can even make a bold statement and combine different fabrics and colours to make your window treatment stand out a little more.

How Do I Maintain Panel Blinds?

The maintenance of panel blinds is variable, as it can be subject to the material the panel blinds are made of. However, there are some general cleaning methods you can apply, which you can find below.

A soft duster - Dust can accumulate on panel blinds over time. With a simple soft duster, you can keep your panel blinds free of dust with minimal effort. However, if you do find it difficult to use a soft duster on your blinds, then you can find some dedicated dusters for panel blinds in your local store too.

Hoover - If you have a decent hoover in your home, then you could remove dust from your panel blinds with a special upholstery extension. If you do this on a regular basis, then you should not encounter any problems with dust or grime build-ups.

Water and soap - Even if you keep your blinds maintained by dusting them regularly, there is still a small chance of a stain. If you encounter such a stain, you can use a combination of water with a mild detergent.

When you apply a combination of water and detergent on panel blinds, you must make sure that you do not use any chemicals that could cause stains on your fabric blinds. When in doubt, acquire a cleaning product that is meant for panel blinds specifically.

If you are unsure about a certain product and its suitability to clean your blinds, you can always do a small spot test. Find an area that is easily hidden and apply a small amount of the product. If it does not cause stains or discolorations, then it is safe to use.

Don't Use Drying Tools - While it may be tempting to dry your fabric blinds quickly, it is always recommended to let your blinds dry naturally. If you were to use a drying tool such as a hair dryer, you could cause discolorations - or even worse - damage to your blinds.

Professional cleaning - If you are dealing with persistent or difficult stains, it may be necessary to acquire a professional cleaning for your panel blinds. Professional cleaning services for blinds are relatively affordable and always provide you with the best results.



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