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How To Maintain Your Outdoor Blinds?

Have you selected some outdoor blinds from Spotlight, and do you want to keep them in pristine condition for some time to come? If so, we urge you to read through our guide below, which will provide you with everything you need to know about outdoor blind maintenance.

How Do I Clean Outdoor Blinds Made From PVC?

One of the common materials you will encounter for outdoor blinds is PVC. Not only is this one of the most popular types of outdoor blinds, it is also one of the easier ones to clean.

To clean outdoor blinds made from PVC, you will need a gentle detergent and some water. Ideally, you want 1/20 to be detergent out of this mixture. Then, apply the cleaning solution to your PVC outdoor blinds. You can apply with a simple microfibre cloth, but you can also use a soft brush or sponge.

Once you have cleaned the area with the cleaning solution, always make sure you rinse your outdoor blinds. Before you start, please make sure that the water pressure is not too high, as this can cause damage to your blinds. Also, once you have rinsed the blinds, always keep them open or down to let them dry.

How Do I Clean Outdoor Blinds Made From Canvas & Acrylic Fabric?

Even though canvas and acrylic fabrics are brilliant for outdoor blinds, they can be more difficult to maintain. In fact, one often has to obtain specialist cleaning products to remove stubborn stains from the outdoor blinds. Of course, there is an alternative for those who do not want to obtain expensive cleaning products.

One method to clean fabric outdoor blinds is with a hypochlorite bleach. Of course, we must warn you that this product must be diluted heavily before you attempt to use it on the fabric. If your bleach is not properly diluted, it will cause damage to the fabric or leave an unwanted discolouration.

When cleaning your outdoor blinds, it is always best to use a soft brush or a sponge. Avoid brushes with hard bristles, as these can damage most materials used in outdoor blinds, this includes the canvas and acrylic outdoor blinds.

Once you have finished cleaning the stains from your outdoor blinds, it is also necessary to rinse your blinds. Once again, always ensure that you do not use too much water pressure, as this can cause damage to your fabric or even cause rips.

What Additional Tips Can You Provide For Cleaning Outdoor Blinds?

Some cleaning tools can help to make the job a little easier, this goes from sponges to dedicated outdoor blind cleaners. If you still need such tools or accessories, be sure to check out the range of blind accessories available at Spotlight.

When it comes to stains, it is also worth mentioning that some stains are more persistent than others. There are certain things that must therefore be removed as soon as possible to prevent them from affecting the material, this could include bird droppings, dirt, and even sand picked up by the wind. If you notice these things on your outdoor blinds, clean them as soon as possible to prevent discolouration and/or fabric deterioration.

To remove potential persistent stains, never scrub the material. For example, if you want to remove bird droppings, you can add a warm sponge with some clean water on the area for a short time, this should help to lift the stain naturally. If you do scrub, it could cause the stain to settle, this especially applies to materials such as fabric.

Another top tip is never to clean fabric outdoor blinds when it is humid outside. While most outdoor fabrics have some resistance to water and humid surroundings, adding water combined with high humidity can still cause mould to settle on your fabric outdoor blinds. So, always make sure the weather is good before you undertake a cleaning task.

Finally, always remember to stay away from abrasive cleaning solutions when handling outdoor blinds. Some products are simply too strong to handle your fabric or PVC, so if you do decide to use a more aggressive cleaning product, always make sure it will not cause damage to the material.



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