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Do you need some blind accessories for your new blinds or curtains? Find what you need at Spotlight in our big range of blind accessories. Our blind accessories range contains crucial parts such as tilt mechanisms, cleaners, slat cutters and more. Not only do we have a wide range but all items are backed by our lowest price guarantee.

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Learn All You Need to Know About Blind Accessories at Spotlight!

Having blinds is a wonderful thing, since it allows you to manage the light entering your home. However, many people are not aware of certain blind accessories that could make their life a lot easier. Curious what these accessories are? Be sure to read the information below to find out!

What Is a Venetian Cleaner?

Cleaning your blinds can feel like a complicated process when you do not have the appropriate cleaner. Doing all the little blinds individually can be quite time-consuming too, but there is a solution in the form of a Venetian cleaner.

The Venetian cleaner is a special tool to clean your blinds. It consists of a special handle and a series of soft brushes attached to the handle, which fit perfectly between your blinds. So, if dusting your blinds is becoming an impossible task, a Venetian cleaner will be essential for your home.

What Is a Slat Cutter?

Slat cutters are designed for aluminium and PVC Venetian blinds. It is a special tool used to trim the slats to the appropriate size. For example, if you have bought some pre-designed blinds from the store, but the slats are too big for your window, you can use a slat cutter to adjust them.

If you are working with fabric blinds, you can still trim them. However, instead of using a slat cutter, it is recommended to use fabric scissors. Fortunately, you can always acquire this type of scissors from Spotlight.

What Is a Spring Roller?

The spring roller is an accessory used to operate spring roller shades. These types of blinds work with spring tension. For example, to move the blinds, you need to adjust the tension on the spring. Fortunately, a spring roller provides you with an easy way to do that.

What Is a Cord Tensioner?

When you use your blinds regularly, it is not uncommon for the cords of your blinds to become less functional. However, you do not need new blinds to regain the functionality of your blind cords, because you could also obtain one of the cord tensioners from Spotlight.

With a cord tensioner, you can keep your blind cords at the optimal tension. In addition to that, it also enables you to secure the ends of your cords and keep them out of reach of children. Therefore, cord tensioners are also used to childproof a home.

What Is a Blind Hold Down?

A blind hold down is an accessory that enables you to hold your blinds in place, even for blinds that are a little outdated. Of course, to ensure the durability of the blind hold down, you should always obtain blind hold downs that are made from high-quality materials. Fortunately, you will find several of those at Spotlight.

What Is a Chain Joiner and Chain Stopper?

Do you have some blinds in the house you wish you could control with more precision? If so, you could use a chain joiner and chain stopper, accessories that allow you to operate your blinds with more precision. Chain joiners and chain stoppers are often a better alternative than needing to install new tailored blinds, so be sure to check these options out before you think about installing new blinds.

What Is a Blind Wall Anchor?

With a blind wall anchor, you can secure any patio blind in its place. The only thing that is required is installing the wall anchor in the desired location. Therefore, this could be a perfect solution for customers with patio blinds that tend to get a little out of control.

What Is a Mozzie Free Screen?

One blind accessory every Australian should own is a Mozzie Free Screen. We all like to open our doors and windows to get a little fresh air in, but it does let some bugs in the house. However, this problem can belong to the past with one of the Mozzie Free Screens at Spotlight.

A Mozzie Free Screen is a special net that can cover any door or window in your home. By covering your doors and windows with such a new, you prevent bugs from getting in, but you still get the fresh air you want. One of our Mozzie Free Screens is also easy to install, which means you do not need any D.I.Y. skills to benefit from this accessory.

Where Can I Find More Blind Accessories at Spotlight?

Are you looking for more blind accessories that could make your home a little more functional? If so, we suggest heading over to our range of blind accessories, which contains countless other products such as awning hooks, pull cords, blind cleats, and much more.

Do you have a question about one of the blind accessories in our range? Feel free to contact Spotlight for more information, we will be more than happy to assist!



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