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Cotton Crochet Yarn

Cotton Crochet Yarn

Cotton crochet yarn is thin, strong and available in a variety of colours. Often referred to as mercerised cotton, it can have a glossy appearance, and is ideally suited to a number of finely crafted projects including lacy shawls, tablecloths, scarves and tops.

Confusingly, the numbers used in cotton crochet yarn increase as the yarn gets thinner, so a number 10 cotton thread is thicker than a number 20.

Find a variety of DMC and Milford cotton crochet yarns at Spotlight, as part of our huge collection of yarns that includes acrylics, wool, cotton and blended yarns.

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Can I purchase cotton crochet yarn at Spotlight?

Yes, browse our range of cotton crochet yarns to find the ideal yarn for your next crochet project. These fine yarns lend themselves to a variety of projects including lacy shawls, tablecloths, delicate decorations, even pretty baby shoes and earrings - the range is only limited by your creativity.

What should I know about cotton crochet yarns?

There are a few things that are different about cotton crochet yarns:

Smaller is bigger when it comes to crochet yarn. Crochet yarn is labelled with a number, like a 3 or a 10 or even a 30, and this refers to the thickness of the yarn. It may be counterintuitive but the smaller the number, the thicker the yarn, unlike the thicker yarns on the market, where the ply number goes up as the yarn gets thicker.

In the same way, smaller is bigger with steel crochet hooks. This is also counterintuitive and can be confusing at first. A smaller number means a bigger crochet hook, which you can double-check by looking at the mm size displayed on the hook or its packaging. For example, a size 9 hook is 1.25 mm and size 10 is a smaller 1.15 mm.

There are many tips and guides online on how to work with cotton crochet yarn (also called crochet thread in some parts of the world), and how to treat the items afterwards to make sure you get the best results.

When using a crochet pattern, make sure you know if the terminology used is Australian/British or American, as the same stitches will have different names. A single crochet in American patterns is equivalent to a double crochet in British/Australian patterns, so it is important to get the right terminology for your pattern. Conversion charts are freely available online.

Which brands of crochet cotton are available at Spotlight?

At Spotlight, we stock crochet cotton made by DMC and by Milford. You can choose from crisp whites, naturals, bright colours and even variegated yarns for a wide variety of projects in 10, 20, 50 and 100g balls, so you can buy as much or as little cotton crochet yarn as required.

What does the term Mercerised Cotton mean?

Mercerised cotton is a term often seen on cotton yarns, and it refers to a treatment that has been applied to the cotton. It strengthens the fibre, makes it easier to use and adds lustre, which is often referred to as perle or pearl when used in relation to cotton yarn.

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