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Embroidery is another craft that is extremely popular amongst Australians. Of course, this is a craft you must learn and one that takes years to perfect. Fortunately, customers can count on Spotlight and an endless supply of embroidery supplies. Need some essentials to get you started? Check out our overview below to find out what you will need.

What Is the First Thing I Need for Embroidery?

One of the first things you will need for your embroidery projects is a spring tension loop - this is used to put on your fabric. There are different types of loops available, but the spring tension loops tend to be easier for beginners.

Please note that spring tension loops come in different sizes. So, if you already have a project in mind, be sure to check which size you will need. Of course, you could buy several sizes of spring tension loops to start with.

What Is the Second Thing I Need for Embroidery?

Customers who are starting with embroidery will need some needles for their projects too. There are different types of needles available - this includes the cross-stitch tapestry needle with the blunt tip and embroidery needles with the sharp tip. Embroidery needles with the sharp tip are necessary for fabrics with a tighter weave, since they are much harder to puncture.

Embroidery needles come in different sizes, much like crochet needles and knitting needles. Sizes 5/10 are most suitable for finer fabrics and most embroidery projects, size 7 is best for picture smocking, while size 8 is used for geometric English smocking. So, beginners will most likely need size 5/10.

What Is the Third Thing I Need for Embroidery?

The third crafting supply you will need for your embroidery projects is the Frixion pen. The pen is used to transfer a design from the pattern onto the fabric, so the use of this pen could be compared to getting a design on tracing paper.

We must mention that you could use a normal pen to transfer your pattern onto your fabric. However, the Frixion pen is usually a lot easier, since it has erasable ink. At Spotlight, you will find pens especially meant for embroidery projects too, which could make your life a lot easier when you do embroidery for the first time. So, be sure to pick one up for your first project.

What Is the Fourth Thing I Need for Embroidery?

The next craft supply you will need for your project is quite a basic item, but an essential one, more specifically scissors. Like with other crafting projects such as knitting and crochet, scissors are essential. Of course, the type of scissor you use always depends on your project.

Fortunately, embroiderers do not have to spend large amounts of money on their embroidery scissors, since there are many affordable choices. While you must consider quality, Spotlight offers some extremely affordable choices that provide the quality you require.

What Other Crafting Supplies Could I Need During Embroidery Projects?

We already mentioned some of the essentials required for your embroidery projects, but there are others you might need. Here are some of the additional supplies you could need for embroidery.

  • Tapestry: crafters who want to create a tapestry as their embroidery project could acquire one of these from Spotlight.
  • Cotton thread: needed to create the embroidery on a canvas or other material.
  • Tapestry wool: this material is required for your tapestry projects. They come in different colours and sizes, so be sure to refer to your pattern or the tapestry you have obtained.
  • Convenience equipment: some tools could make the job a little easier - this includes latch hooks.


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