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Make Your Papercraft Projects Extra Special with the Embellishments from Spotlight?

Embellishments are commonly used to add a little more depth to papercraft projects - this includes card making and scrapbooking. At Spotlight, customers can acquire all the embellishments they will need for their project.

In addition to providing you with the finest embellishments for the sharpest price, we will also provide you with an embellishment guide - this could help you take your first steps in card making or scrapbooking. Be sure to read through our guide for some inspiration!

Which Embellishments Are Best for Scrapbooking?

There are no limits to the embellishments you could use for scrapbooking, so the only real limitation is your own creativity. Of course, there are some basics you could consider. Some of the most popular ones are listed below.

An extremely popular embellishment for scrapbooking is the heart shape - this could be made from paper, fabric, or any other material. You could even get the templates you need for heart-shaped embellishments at Spotlight.

In addition to heart-shaped paper and fabric embellishments, tiny crystals are also a popular choice among scrapbook fanatics. You can easily buy these crystals from Spotlight, including some self-adhesive options that make your job a little easier.

As a last option, we also suggest that scrapbooking lovers consider some stickers. While you can create your own, there are a bunch of pre-made stickers you could choose from. At Spotlight, you can find popular options such as butterfly stickers and letters, but also other options that makes your scrapbook project just a little better.

Which Embellishments Are Best for Card Making?

Crafters can be just as original with card making as they can be with scrapbooking. Therefore, you could use any of the embellishments we mentioned under the scrapbooking section, but also some of the additional suggestions below.

One of the additional options for card making is a selection of rhinestones. You can easily buy rhinestones at craft & hobby stores - this includes several different colours in the same package. Of course, you can easily buy several packets and let your creativity roam free.

For card making, we also suggest some flat-back pearls. Flat-back pearls are quite affordable, and you can use them on many of your handcrafted cards. They also have additional applications, because flat-back pearls are also used in fashion design. So, if you are an avid crafter, these pearls should be on your shortlist.

Our last suggestion for card making is a selection of seasonal embellishments. These embellishments are usually available during certain times of the year - this includes Christmas embellishments, Valentine's Day embellishments, and more. So, if you want to make some special cards for friends and family, or simply to sell on eBay, these seasonal options should also be added to your list.

What Other Embellishments Could I Get for Papercraft at Spotlight?

The embellishments we mentioned above are quite popular among our customers, but there are many other embellishments available at Spotlight. If you are considering a new card making or scrapbooking project with embellishments, be sure to check out our additional embellishment options.



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