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Thinking of a New Project with Mosaics? Check Out Some Mosaic Project Ideas at Spotlight!

Spotlight offers crafting supplies for many artists, even those who like to create projects with mosaic. Even though it is less common than card making, scrapbooking, or other papercrafts, it is incredibly fun. Want to know more about mosaic crafting? Find out more by reading the information below.

What Materials Can Mosaic Be Made of?

Mosaic for crafting projects come in all different shapes and sizes nowadays. Common materials used for mosaics are acrylic, byzantic, ceramic, glass, crystal, foil, gems, glazed ceramic, marble and so much more.

Naturally, the materials you choose for your mosaic must match your project. For example, if you are making a jewellery box for the bedroom, you could use almost every material. However, if you are making a bathroom tray out of mosaic, it is better to use a waterproof and water-resistant material such as glass.

What Kind of Glue Do I Need for Mosaic Projects?

Like the mosaics you choose for a project, the glue will also depend on what your project will be used for. In most cases, it is best to choose a water-resistant PVA glue, since this type of glue has no fumes and dries clear. Therefore, it won't leave any marks on those important projects.

Of course, some materials will require a special glue, so be sure to check the specifications of your material before you choose a glue or another adhesive for your project. When in doubt, you could use a universal glue too, but it is always best to do some research into your material before you select adhesives or other things for your mosaic project.

In some cases, you may not use glue for your mosaic project at all. Some people use a grout or mosaic cement. These types of products are available from most DIY stores and hobby stores. Of course, working with grout and mosaic cement is a little messier than glue.

How Do I Select a Base for a Mosaic Project?

When you intend on creating a mosaic project, you will need a base. The base is the item where you will add the mosaics - this could be a tray, a bowl, a small storage box, or anything you would like to decorate with mosaics.

Bases are available from hobby stores. You can get bases in various materials as well, which should be selected by the project you intend on creating. Common materials used for bases include terracotta, metal, glass, and wood.

Naturally, the material you select for your base can affect the price of your project. Glass, metal and wood can be more affordable, while terracotta is a little more expensive. Of course, you are not forced to buy a base, because you could recycle something in your home that could do with a new design.

Choosing a base for a mosaic does not have to be limited to pre-made bases in hobby stores. You could also choose any object in your home and make it a little more special with some mosaics. Good examples of some objects include coasters, old jewellery boxes, storage boxes, etc. The possibilities for your creativity are endless!



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