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Teach Your Kids How To Play With Dough!

Dough is a popular children's toy and it is quite safe. Introducing your child to dough from a young age can have some benefits, as it helps them develop fine motor skills and master their creativity. If you want to discover some ways to introduce your kids to playing with dough, be sure to check out the guide below.

When Can My Child Start Playing With Dough?

The age where a child can play with dough is variable, as it is subject to the type of dough you obtain. However, in most cases, we recommend that the child is at least two years old before starting with dough.

There are some circumstances where you might have to wait a little longer before introducing your child to dough, for example, when your child does not respond to verbal cues and instructions. Another reason could be a lack of cognitive or motor skill development.

What Are Some Fun Things My Child Can Do With Dough?

No matter the age of the child, there are plenty of fun things that can be done with dough. Here are some of our favourite activities.

Rolling dough - One of the most basic actions you can teach your child is rolling the dough. For this, you will need a child-sized rolling pin and your child's favourite colour of dough.

Before you get started, it is always a good idea to show your child how to roll the dough. Then, let your child try this activity. You can also do this together, as children love to copy their parents. Not only does it help them develop their motor skills, it teach them a basic baking skill from a very young age.

Cookie cutter shapes - Another fun way to play around with dough is to get some different dough shapes. Getting some simple plastic cookie cutter shapes and letting your child push them on the dough to create those different shapes is loads of fun. It also enables your child to get some cool shapes to make their own creation.

One of the benefits of this activity is that you can teach your child about shape recognition. When your child has created a shape, be sure to name that shape to them. Being familiar with these shapes will only benefit their development once they start going to school.

Dough muffins - Children love to "bake" things with dough, so this is another fun activity you could do with the kids. One of the activities you could try is bake some fake dough muffins. For this, you will need a muffin baking tray and some dough.

This type of activity actually has an unexpected benefit, as it will help your child's reading skills and their numerical skills. Let your child put in the dough from left to right, this will help them with reading motion down the line. By counting each of the muffins, you also introduce your child to numbers.

Sausage making - Creating a sausage from dough seems like a basic action, but once again it teaches your child some fine motor skills. Introduce your child to the technique first and then let them try it on their own. Do not get frustrated if they make a mistake. Let them experiment and only offer help if they ask. To gently guide them in the right direction, you can roll the dough sausages with them too.

Rolling a ball - Much like creating a sausage from dough, rolling a ball is another fun activity that will help your child develop their fine motor skills. Like the previous activity, it is important to show your child how to roll a ball. Then, let them try on their own and only provide help if they ask. You can also do this particular activity together.

Once your child becomes more proficient at making shapes such as a ball or a sausage, then you can start introducing them to making basic shapes. You can help them create small figurines and other children's projects, which will help their spatial awareness as well as other basic skills such as colour recognition, shape recognition, and more. Grab some dough today and try these fun activities with your child!



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