Spotlight has floristry options for every event in your calendar!

Be it a wedding, birthday or simply to decorate your home, Spotlight has Floral Accessories, Embellishments, Caneware & Artificial options to delight.

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  • Critters Peacock

    Critters Peacock

    Decorative Critters Peacock can be used to embellish millinery creations or as the finishing touch on creative gift packaging.

    Reg: $11.99

  • Vivaldi Floral Greening Pins

    Vivaldi Floral Greening Pins

    These Vivaldi Floral Greening Pins are perfect to be used to secure fresh cut, silk or dried flowers or floral moss to foam bases for decoration or centrepieces.

    Reg: $3.99

  • Vivaldi Floral Craft Water Vials

    Vivaldi Floral Craft Water Vials

    Water Vials: Floral water vials are excellent in preventing fragile, fresh flowers such as roses and orchids from witting too soon in a floral display.

    Reg: $3.99

  • Reliance Floral Foam Cone

    Reliance Floral Foam Cone

    Create your next floral art with this foam cone. Suitable for real or artificial flowers.

    Reg: $14.99

  • Reliance Floral Foam Open Heart

    Reliance Floral Foam Open Heart

    This open heart foam is fantastic for weddings, valentines day and any other event that shouts "love". Suitable for real or silk flowers. Spread the love and create your floral art simply with this open heart shaped base.

    Reg: $16.99

  •   Peony Bundle

    Peony Bundle

    The ever charming Peony Bundle is a crowd favourite. It features five blooms, soft to touch delicate petals and range from white to pink in colour. This subtle elegant bouquet is perfect for wedding decoration work. Measuring 30 cm tall, the total bouquet diameter is 30cm with florals ranging from ...

    Was: $17.99

    Now: $12.59

  •   Geranium Bush

    Geranium Bush

    Fantastic value, Geranium Bush ideal for window boxes and flower boxes.

    Was: $4.99

    Now: $3.49

  • Jenni B Wire Flower Embellishments

    Jenni B Wire Flower Embellishments

    Jenni B Wire Flower Embellishments is great for scrapbooking and paper crafting projects. Express your individuality and live creatively with these stickers and embellishments.

    Reg: $2.00 - $3.99

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