Felting is a popular craft that allows you to transform wool (usually called rovings) into incredible decorations, toys and accessories. You can also use a felted decoration to cover a hole in a favourite sweater. Our fabulous range of felting supplies here at Spotlight features all the felting needles and other tools you need to get started. Felting needles are not tapestry needles, nor are they sewing needles. Felting needles are special needles that have very sharp, barbed blades on them. This is what helps to agitate the wool to turn it into felt.

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Are you looking for a new hobby, one that is a little different? Why not try felting, a popular craft which allows you to create toys or decorations in 3-D form.

What is felting?

Felting is a needlecraft technique for turning a special type of wool known as roving into objects using a specific type of needle. It is a popular craft involved in making toys, accessories and decorations from soft, felt wool. Felt is a textile produced by agitating and matting wool fibres together with a felting needle.

Felting is a fun way to make lots of cute things. If sewing, knitting or macramé - aren't your thing, try your hand at felting for something a little different. Felt toys are perfect for young children as they have no sharp edges or choking hazards. Wool is non-toxic and safe for little ones to play with. Create your own fuzzy felt families upon a felt board, where children can enjoy imaginative play.

What do I need to begin felting?

Spotlight have a superb range of materials and equipment to get your started making cute, fuzzy felt objects! Ordinary needles, such as those used for sewing, embroidery or tapestry are not the needles you need for felting. Felting needles are very sharp and have special blades which agitate the wool into felt. Spotlight stock a range of felting needles from the popular brands Arbee, Birch and Clover available in packs or individually. Look for a felting needle with a comfortable handle for ease of use, such as the Clover Felting Needle Tool or the Birch Pen Style Felting Needle.

To start with you need roving wool or if you prefer you can buy pre-cut felts at Spotlight. Our huge range of colourful, pre-cut felts includes plain, printed or glitter felt sheets and also pre-cut shapes such as letters and numbers. Pre-cut felts are also great fabrics for children's art and craft projects. It is easy for little hands to cut into whatever shapes and objects their imaginations desire.

When you have your felting needle, your wool or your felt ready to go you just need a felting surface to work on. Spotlight's Clover Felting Needle Mat is an essential tool for keeping your body safe from the super sharp felting needle as you are continually poking the sharp needle into the wool.

How do I learn to needle felt?

You can search via google to find tutorials and YouTube video demonstrations on the art of needle felting. Many art and craft books or magazines will also detail the art of felting. While it seems like a specialised craft with particular tools, it really isn't hard to master once you know how.

Start with making simple things and progress to creating our own super cute felt objects and accessories perfect for decorating your home or to give as gifts to your friends and families. For children pre-cut felts eliminate the need for using a sharp needle, and they can still have fun creating their own funny, fuzzy felt objects or families.



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