Soft toy makers and crafters will be delighted with this selection of bear, dog and other animal noses which are ideal for giving your homemade soft toy or stuffed animal a life-like nose! Here at Spotlight, choose from plastic noses or flock noses to put the finishing touch to your sewing, knitting or other craft project. The noses come with their own safety fittings which means your finished creation is also safe for little hands to play with. Also check out our collection of eyes!

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Can I purchase noses for soft toys from Spotlight?

Yes, You can. Here at Spotlight, we have several different noses available. From the cutest of dog noses for a soft toy or ornament, to a nose perfect for a teddy bear. Our range of noses are available in a variety of different sizes and have all been purposely designed for craft projects and making soft toys. This range also includes a number of other craft essentials, including nose pliers and cutters. Shop now for high-quality products at Spotlight's fabulous guaranteed low prices.

How do I purchase noses from Spotlight?

You can browse our extensive range of noses and craft accessories online, just follow the instructions through to checkout for delivery right to your door. Or call into one of our nationwide stores, where our team will be happy to help you choose the right nose for you. Shop now and get amazing deals on some of the best noses around.

How do I fasten Spotlight's noses to my soft toy project?

Our soft toys noses come in a range of different styles, and we recommend that you read the instructions fully prior to assembling your toy. Follow our tips below for noses that come with a washer, a small circular disk that is necessary for fixing the nose to your soft toy project.

Fix your nose onto your soft toy after you have finished your face but before you have filled it with hobby fill. Press the washer on the inside of your projects face, where you have left a nose sized hole, and gently affix the nose on the other side. Before pressing your nose in completely, turn your project the correct way and check placement prior to firmly pressing the nose until it clicks. This is highly recommended, as you will then be able to change the nose's position if it has been put in upside down or at the wrong angle. If you are having difficulty, one of our Spotlight handy hints is to place the washer in hot water for a few seconds prior to use, then the washer out of the water with tweezers. This will make the plastic more malleable and easier to handle.

What else is included in this range?

Alongside our cute soft toy noses, this range also includes a variety of different nose pliers, essential for ensuring that your handmade jewellery is made with precision. Check out our collection of nose pliers, guaranteed to up your jewellery making game.

How do I choose the right pair of pliers for my needs?

Choosing the correct pliers to meet your jewellery making needs is essential, and your choice depends on your needs. To help you decide the right pair of pliers for you, we have created a list of our current range and their optimum uses.

Cutters: A cutter is a great all round piece of kit that will leave a neat and even cut. This is more suited to finer wires, and repeated cutting of thicker wires may result in cutters becoming damaged.

Round nose pliers: Round nose players are an essential component of most jewellery maker's kit. They are used to create loops, bend or spirals, and because they have no jagged edges, curves are smooth with no marks left behind,

Long nose pliers: Their namesake long nose means that these pliers are ideal for precision work. They are pointed for placing smaller items and they also work very well for drawing wire.



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