Calico Dolls & Bears

Calico bears and dolls are the ideal base to make your own cuddly toy or keepsake for a loved one! Browse our craft range online now at Spotlight.

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Can I purchase calico bears at Spotlight?

Yes, you can. At Spotlight, we have a range of calico dolls and bears available, perfect for making your very own unique soft toy. Calico bears can be painted, embroidered, covered with material and embellishments and decorated with personal messages. Shop online or instore today for great deals on our calico bear collection and let your creativity shine.

What is a calico bear?

Calico is a plain woven cotton textile that is ready to be decorated instantly, and a calico bear is an ideal base for making a teddy bear. Made from 100% cotton these little bears can withstand lots of cuddles. Whether as a special treat just for you, a creative activity with the children, or an extra special gift for a loved one, calico bears are a fun, creative outlet that everyone will enjoy.

How can I decorate my calico bear?

It's all down to personal preference ready, and what you want your finished project to look like. Make the cutest bear for a gift, or use one of these bears as part of an artistic piece, anything is possible with calico bears from Spotlight. We have some suggestions below but remember what your finished bear looks like is completely up to you, and the possibilities are endless.

  • You can make your bear into a character, add yellow wool and a sparkling tiara for that little princess or perhaps a pirate with a wooden leg and black eye patch.
  • Sew embellishments on your bear to add to the finished look. A necktie or waistcoat could be ideal for a traditional teddy where jewels and tiny artificial flowers may result in a more exotic bear.
  • Use fabric pens to add colours or doodles to your bear. You could even write personal messages, ideal for adding a sentimental touch when you are giving the bears a gift.
  • You could even make clothes using pieces of felt or scraps of metal, create a whole wardrobe for your bear, so he or she has lots of outfits to choose from. A great way of passing on textile skills to the little ones as children will love creating costumes for their special friend.

How should I care for my calico bear?

Calico bears themselves are very easy to clean, however, caring for your finished project really depends on what you have used to decorate it. We recommend just wiping the bear with a soft dry cloth to remove dust particles regularly.

For a very dusty calico bear, you should remove any loose items then gently vacuum your bear. Reduce the power of the suction on your machine as much as possible and if you are concerned about losing any of your embellishments you can cover the head of the vacuum nozzle with tights or pantyhose. If your calico bear is for an individual who has asthma, dust mites on soft toys can exuberate their condition. Experts recommend placing your bear in the freezer, around once a week, to kill any dust mites.

I'm not happy with my calico bear, can I return it?

At Spotlight, we understand that you may change your mind, and so we do offer change of mind returns on most of our products. However, in order to return your bear it must be in the original condition and the original packaging. You will also need to provide proof of purchase. This does not affect your statutory rights in any way, see here for more information.



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