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With Spotlight's range of craft essentials, you can have a brand new and fun hobby in bag making! Discover the complete range at Spotlight today.

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In this busy era where we are all trying to do so many things at once, a hobby is an important mental escape from the stresses of our daily lives. For some, sport or music are popular activities and for others it is more about finding an outlet for the creative arty or crafty person within.

When it comes to arts and crafts, many of us don't consider ourselves particularly artistic or creatively skilled but it can still be satisfying to tackle an art or craft project as a way to express ourselves and to relax, unwind and escape from our relentless daily norm.

Spotlight is the perfect place to shop for all your arty-crafty pursuits, whether you're finding your niche behind the sewing machine as the next Vera Wang, getting caught up in intricate macramé - projects or threading beads to make beautiful jewellery.

Should those activities not be your thing, you might like to consider the lesser-known craft of bag making. Create your own fashion statement with a handcrafted, one-of-a-kind handbag, shoulder bag, backpack, laundry bag, library bag, travel bag or perhaps a tote bag - and be the envy of your fashionista friends.

Design the perfect bag for you, or even create unique, totally personal gifts for your friends and family. Looking for a hobby you can turn into a small home business? Consider bag making to order - so easy with everything you need readily accessible and affordable at Spotlight, with the lowest prices guaranteed.

Spotlight have a complete range of equipment, fabrics and essential accessories to kick start your bag making project.

Where can I get ideas for bag making?

If you're not sure where to start with bag making, take a look atSpotlight's Bag & Purse Projects page for some great ideas, pictures, detailed instructions and patterns to make any kind of bag you can think of!

With their range of gorgeous fabrics to choose from, you can easily design a bright and colourful tote, shopping bag, laundry bag or even a fun library bag for the kids!

A simple Google search will also provide online tutorials, YouTube demonstrations, patterns and ideas to get you started. For all your essential bag making materials and supplies take a trip to your nearest Spotlight store - or Spotlight's online shop - and you are ready to begin the first phase of your bag making project.

How do I begin my bag making project?

Once you have your material, instructions and pattern organised you are ready to start. Crochet, stitch or weave your bag - depending on your choice of material and style of bag - and finish it with the essential bag making items from Spotlight.

If your bag is the type that you want to close, Spotlight have many fastenings, clips and magnetic closures in different sizes to choose from.

Perhaps you'd like contrasting straps for your bag? Select the material and style of your straps from Spotlight's range of leather or stiff fabric strips, wood or leather handles, or even groovy metal rings to make your bag stand out.

There are plenty of options for fixing your chosen style of handles to the bag from Spotlight's popular Bag Chick brand, with split rings, swivel clips, D-rings, oblong rings, or swivel clips.

With Spotlight's help, you can have a brand new, fun hobby in bag making!



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