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In the range of staples and staplers at Spotlight you can find everything from a mini stapler, ideal for carrying along in a pencil case or laptop bag, to sturdy office models and even a light duty stapler tacker, which can tackle upholstery, craft and interior projects. Replacement staples for all the different sizes of stapler are also available in this range, and if you find that you have to remove staples, you can save your fingernails by getting the great value staple remover blade from Spotlight!

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Can I purchase Staples, Staplers, and Staple Removers from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Whether you are looking for a stapler of any size, a tacker for home decor projects, replacement staples or a staple remover, you are sure to find the perfect choice amongst this selection here at Spotlight. Shop our entire range of office accessories online or instore today. With such great value prices plus our guaranteed low prices, make Spotlight your one stop shop for all your office needs.

Which is the right choice for my needs?

Staplers are a popular accessory for any office and will easily bind your documents together. They are great for ensuring that the pages of your all-important essay, proposal or report stay neatly in the right order. This selection at Spotlight features desktop staplers, mini staplers, and a stapler tacker that is ideal for more heavy duty tasks. This selection also features a choice of replacement staples, stock up now and ensure that you are always prepared.

How do I use a Staple Remover?

Staples are thin metal bands that hold papers together, and to remove them safely and effectively you will need a staple remover. These are simple to use and will help to prevent the paper underneath becoming damaged. There are different types of staple removers available, each of which are designed to help you to easily lift up the two prongs on your stapled item. Whether you choose the blade type, wand type, or jaw type staple remover, you will be able to get rid of staples quickly and easily.

How do I replace the staples in my new stapler?

That does depend on the product that you have chosen, and we always recommend reading the individual instructions that accompany your product. If you are replacing the staples on a desktop standard, or mini stapler, you usually list the top. There may be some buttons or latches on the side to unlock it. Then gently hold back the spring mechanism, and insert your new staples with the two prongs facing downwards. If your stapler is jammed due to an old staple being stuck in the mechanism, you can attempt to remove this using tweezers. Close your stapler, and press it one to check that a staple is released and all is well.

What other office accessories do you sell at Spotlight?

At Spotlight, we stock just about everything that you could possibly desire for your office at home or work. From fabulous notebooks from some of the world's biggest brands to all of the pens that you could imagine. Whether you are looking for the perfect storage solutions, document holders, or pinboards, then you will be able to complete your home office from our fabulous range of stationery and office supplies. We have printers and ink, paper galore, and cork and pin boards to create your own motivational board. Simply fill with motivational quotes, dreams and aspirations for productivity at a glance. Whatever stationery product you need for your office, you are sure to find it amongst our huge collection here at Spotlight, and it is all available now at our guaranteed low prices.



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