All You Need To Know About Popular Slime Toys

Parents often look for a versatile toy that can keep their kids entertained for many hours. But what are slime toys exactly and are there different types to take advantage of? Spotlight aims to answer all these questions for you today.

What Is Slime Made Of?

Slime can be made with numerous compounds, including common household items. The combination of these compounds creates a special polymer with unique properties. This polymer is called a non-Newtonian fluid, which has properties of a liquid as well as a solid substance.

Why Is Slime Such A Popular Toy Amongst Kids?

Kids often find slime incredibly fun to play with because of its unique look and texture. It is a liquid and a solid at the same time, which makes it more interesting than most toys out there.

There are some educational benefits to slime as well, even though they look quite simple upon first glance. Firstly, its unique texture has proven to be a great stress reliever. Secondly, slime teaches children everything about science.

What Are The Different Types Of Slime Currently Available?

Since slime is popular with young and old, it is not uncommon to encounter many different types of slime. These are the most common types of slime and their properties.

Natural slime: This particular type of slime does not contain any harsh cleaning agent. Some of the biggest types of slime tend to contain an aggressive cleaning agent, which some parents are concerned about. Even though not harmful when used in slime. Some parents prefer the most natural alternative.

Unicorn slime: While this slime has a unique name, the principle behind this type of slime is really simple. Basically, it is basic slime that is combined with a good amount of glitter. Evidently, this is a favourite slime type among many girls.

Cleaning slime: This type of slime is less of a toy and more of a functional cleaning tool. In fact, when you use this type of slime, you can remove crumbs and hairs from a keyboard without much trouble. They also help you remove dust and hairs from other hard to reach areas.

Popping slime: Even though most types of slime deliver quite the sensory experience to begin with, popping slime takes this sensory experience to a whole new level. Popping slime is a combination of regular slime and some Styrofoam, which causes the slime to make a popping sound when pressed.

Neon slime: This type of slime glows in the dark, which can be a fun little gimmick. Of course, it does not offer anything else than its glow in the dark feature compared to regular slime.

How Do I Increase The Lifespan Of Slime Toys?

When your purchase some slime as a toy for your children, there are various ways to increase the lifespan of this toys. One of the ways to keep slime toys pristine is by storing it in an airtight container. You can also store this airtight container in the refrigerator, as this will increase its lifespan too.

Is Slime Safe For My Children?

Slime is made to be safe for children, but that does not mean parents should not pay close attention to the ingredients inside slime. Some children can be rather sensitive to certain ingredients, causing issues such as skin irritation and rashes.

Since slime can be made with common household products such as a cleaning agent called Borax, it is important to check for these ingredients before your purchase slime.

Please note that slime that can be bought in stores are not always suitable for young children. The recommended age for a slime toy will always be displayed on the product description page, so make sure to check this page to determine if a slime toy is suitable for your child or not.

The Selection Of Slime Toys Currently Available At Spotlight

Spotlight has a huge range of slime toys, available for children of all ages. Of course, the slime toys we provide are made with all sorts of compounds. As a result, you can take advantage of numerous slime types that are incredibly fun.

At Spotlight, you can also find lots of games and science sets that include slime. So, if you are looking for more than just one little slime toy, be sure to check the activity sets available at Spotlight too.

As always, Spotlight provides slime at the best and most affordable prices. Check out the range of ten to benefit from sharp deals and offers.



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