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What Are The Best Art Supplies For Kids?

When you hit the stores to find some art supplies for the kids, you might feel a little overwhelmed at first. That is not really surprising though, especially when you look at the countless different art supplies that are available these days. So, how do you choose the best art supplies for kids in minimal time? By using this convenient guide from Spotlight of course!

Which Paints Are Best For Children?

Paint is an absolute must-have for children's crafting projects, and there is a tremendous amount of options. Still, if you are looking for affordability as well as versatility, Spotlight can recommend some poster paint.

Poster paint is also known under the name tempera paint. This type of paint is extremely versatile and does not contain any toxins, which is great when you think about the fact your children will be using it constantly.

You will find poster paints in different quantities and colours. To start with, you want to go with the basic colours, enabling you to teach your children about colour mixing and blending. We also recommend getting some of the larger bottles to begin with, as your children are likely to use it loads. By purchasing the larger bottles, you will save yourself some money in the long run.

What Is The Best Clay For Children?

When we talk about clay for children, we also think about items that that not necessarily considered as real clay by the adult crafting world. One of those items is Playdough, which is far from the traditional look and feel of real clay. However, it is still the best option for young kids.

Playdough is the recommended clay for kids because of the softness of the product. Some forms of clay can be difficult to manipulate by small hands, and this often requires parents to jump in and help. To give children a sense of achievement when it comes to their earlier clay projects, you want to look at a type of clay that is much easier to manipulate. Evidently, Playdough most certainly meets that requirement.

Once your children get older, you can introduce them to other forms of clay. Of course, some of these options may need some additional instructions on your part. Nevertheless, it is a great way to let your child evolve creatively.

And when you do not mind things getting a little messy, why not look in our range for some genuine potter's clay. True, potter's clay is not necessarily the cleanest of clay choices, but it is one of the most creative.

Contrary to popular believe, you can let your potter's clay air dry, so you do not need a kiln to get your creations on point. There are also special forms of potter's clay that are designed for air drying, which means you can get some amazing sculptures and masterpieces without having to worry about durability long-term.

Discover The Huge Range Of Kid's Art Supplies.

Today, Spotlight discussed some of the main kid's art supplies in the form of clay and paint. Of course, you already know that there are many basic art supplies you need to get, which we have not touched upon.

From paper and chalk to markers and pencils, there is an endless number of supplies that should be added to your child's collection. While you may expect a high price tag to get all those supplies in, you will be pleasantly surprised when you shop for your kid's art supplies at Spotlight.

When you shop at Spotlight, you always get the best prices for your kid's art supplies. If you have a considerable amount of supplies to buy and do not want to break the bank, then you can find everything you need right here at Spotlight.



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