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How To Make My Jewellery Trendy And Special?

Once you become proficient at making jewellery, you want your pieces to be original and stand out from the mega load of other jewellery out there. Being the best at jewellery crafting is a delicate combination of using the right materials, but also being informed about the latest trends.

How Do I Know Which Jewellery Is Trendy?

While it may be tempting to look at the latest creations of well-known jewellery designs such as Thea Miller, it is not always beneficial to look at the high-end of jewellery design, unless you are trying to reach that particular audience of course. However, if you want your jewellery to have a wider appeal, it is best to look at some of the common pieces being sold at department stores.

When you head to the department store to do a little bit of research, there are two main things to pay attention too. As it is not the intention of copying available designs, you will be looking at materials, shape and overall proportion. For example, are silver necklaces more noticeable this season than their gold counterparts? What shapes are more dominant? And are statement pieces more present than understated and more simple designs? Once you have the answers, you can start designing and planning your own jewellery designs.

Should I Choose Fashion Jewellery Or Fine Jewellery?

If it is your intention to sell jewellery to the larger masses, you may want to focus on fashion jewellery. Fashion jewellery is more affordable and made from cheaper materials, which could also be beneficial for your wallet. These pieces are also considered as the trendiest, although that could also mean that your design could go out of style in a matter of months.

Fine jewellery on the other hand is great for crafters who have sufficient experience in jewellery making. They are comfortable working with valuable materials such as gold and high-end silver, but also have the specialist tools to work with those materials. Evidently, these pieces can be more expensive, but they do stand the test of time a little better.

If you feel like you cannot decide between both styles, you do not necessarily have to. Some jewellery makers focus on a mix between fine jewellery and fashion jewellery, using precious metals as well as cheaper materials. In return, their piece increases a little in value, but can also remain trendy for a longer period of time.

How Do I Make My Jewellery More Unique?

When you design your jewellery from scratch, chances are that your jewellery is pretty unique to begin with. But there are some additional things you can do to make your work stand out from all the rest.

Most jewellery designers have their own signature for their pieces of jewellery. For some, it is the application of a small logo, while others focus more on a particular style and design. If this sounds all a bit too complicated for you, you can also start personalising your jewellery with slogans or names.

There are several methods to personalise jewellery, but the most common are engraving and metal stamping. Engraving is usually reserved for the finer pieces of jewellery, as they require a special laser engraver or an experienced engraver that can work in incredible detail. Metal stamping can be used for both but might not look as elegant. On the flipside, metal stamping can be done by beginners and the supplies are very affordable to obtain. As with all things relating to jewellery making, it is once again determined by skill, budget, and personal preferences.

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