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Beading and jewellery making is a wonderful hobby or work-from-home occupation, and with these beautiful books from Spotlight you can treat yourself, or others, to some great inspiration, tips and advice on how to make unique jewellery and other bead projects. Learn how to design and create leather and beaded jewellery, or get tips on how to master all the fundamental beading techniques such as stringing, crimping, knotting, basic wirework, and more. You will also find beads, charms, stones and all types of jewellery findings here at Spotlight, so you can get started straightaway!

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Discover the Essentials for Jewellery-Making Beginners!

Jewellery-making can be incredibly fun, but determining the essentials you need to get started often seems quite complicated. To help beginning jewellery makers, we have created a useful guide, which contains all the essentials you will need for your jewellery-making projects. So, read on to discover what you will need to grab from Spotlight to get started.

What Is the First Thing I Will Need for Jewellery-Making?

The first tool you will need is the flat nose pliers, an essential for jewellery making, whether you are a beginner or an experienced jewellery maker. The flat nose pliers are used for opening jump rings, finishing those wire-wrapped ends, and other things you will do during your jewellery-making projects.

What Is the Second Thing I Will Need for Jewellery-Making?

In addition to flat nose pliers, you will need some round nose pliers too. These round nose pliers are used to create hoops, loops, bends, clasps, and jump rings for your finest jewellery creations. In some cases, we also recommend nylon-tipped pliers, which you can use to bend some of the strong wires during your jewellery projects.

What Is the Third Thing I Will Need for Jewellery-Making?

The third option for jewellery-making is a pair of wire cutters, since jewellery-making does involve a lot of wire cutting. When you hit the store for a good pair of wire cutters, you will notice that there is a lot of choice where size and price is concerned. For beginners, we usually recommend a mid-range pair of wire cutters, since they have a longer lifespan and are a little easier to work with than the cheap ones.

What Is the Fourth Thing I Will Need for Jewellery-Making?

Once you have the essentials mentioned above, you can start looking for your main supplies - this includes wire, beads, and other things you want to use for your project. As you can imagine, there are loads of supplies out there, so let us break it down for you a little more.


Wire can be made from a variety of materials - this material can affect how easy the wire is to work with, but also the price of the wire. For beginners, we usually recommend some of the cheaper alternatives such as the basic metal wire. By choosing the cheaper alternatives, you give yourself something to practice with first.


There are so many types of beads, we would need hundreds of pages to describe them all in detail. To get some idea of the possibilities, you can check our Spotlight catalogue for some examples.

Like wire, beads can be made from a variety of materials - this includes natural materials such as bone and coral, but also synthetic (manmade) materials such as ceramics, pottery, and glass. As you would expect, the latter tends to be the best alternative for beginners, since they are more affordable.

Jewellery makers can acquire beads with patterns on them, but also beads with various shapes. To ensure you start your jewellery-making project on the right foot, we usually recommend a basic round or square bead selection before you move onto something a little more complicated.


Charms are another possibility for your jewellery-making project. Charms are quite like beads, but they are usually used in lesser quantities to lay an accent on your project - for example, a charm bracelet.

At Spotlight, customers can find all types of charms they could use for bracelets, necklaces, and even earrings. However, we recommend that beginners start by making a simple bracelet with beads, and then move onto charms as they get a little more proficient at it.



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