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Choosing Beads For A Beading Project

When you start a new beading or jewellery making project, you may have a general idea about the look of your masterpiece. However, you may be struggling to think about the right beads you need. With our comprehensive guide to common beads and their benefits, you will find the right beads for the job in no time at all.

When Do I Use Gemstones For A Beading Project?

Gemstones look really fancy and polished, which is no surprise as they are meant for statement necklaces, bracelets and similar pieces of jewellery. If you want to make a piece that stands out or want to create something that looks fancy and expensive, gemstones is the bead type you are looking for.

In addition to adding some sparkle to your designs, some crafters will use smaller gemstones to add a little more colour to their jewellery. Just make sure to pick the right colours if you pair them with metals such as silver, gold and rose gold.

When Do I Use Crystals For Beading Projects?

Crystals can also be used for statement pieces, but they do have a rougher and more natural look than gemstones. They are not that polished but can still make a piece better. In other words, this kind of bead will enhance an existing piece more than drawing the focus away from the rest of the design.

We must mention that even though crystals are quite rough in their appearance, they are still very suitable for formal pieces of jewellery. The time where jewellery had to be absolutely perfect is far from over, as uniqueness is more appreciated these days.

When Do I Use Pearls For Beading Projects?

When you are a beginner, you are unlikely to work with real pears, which are both obtained from the ocean. Some pearls can be worth an exuberant amount of money, so only professional jewellery designers tend to use them.

Of course, this does not mean you cannot use pearls at all. In fact, you can easily get imitation pearls that mimic the real thing. Plus, people can only tell the difference by touching them, as real pearls feel cold while imitation beads do not.

When Are Glass Beads Used?

Glass beads are more affordable in the world of beading, but that does not mean they are any less fancy or less beautiful. Quite the contrary, because some of the most beautiful beads these days are made from glass.

Since glass can be shaped in various designs, you will have no problems finding glass beads in round, teardrop, square and even more unusual shapes. They can also make a piece look more elegant, as the light reflecting from a glass bead can make a jewellery piece truly sparkle.

When To Use Metal Beads?

Metal beads are not commonly used for necklaces, but they are immensely popular for bracelets. In fact, many charm bracelets will be made with these metal beads, as they help to create lots of texture and effect.

Please note that metal beads are available in more than just stainless steel and pewter, you can get them in precious metals too such as silver and gold. Evidently, we only recommend using silver and gold once you become more proficient, as these beads can be more expensive.

Are Wood Beads Still Popular?

Wood beads were all the rage in the 70s and 80s but lost a little steam in the early 2000s. Fortunately, wood beads are making a comeback, as they have an overall boho style and feel.

It is important to note that wooden beads can be used on their own but can also be used to add an effect to your jewellery. When wood is added to other materials, it can provide a more vintage and classic feel. They should be used carefully when working with metals though, as this requires careful consideration and placement to reach the right effect.

Bead Supplies At Spotlight

Spotlight provides various types of beads to crafters, so they can start creating the project they have in mind for the fraction of the normal price. In addition to beads, we also provide other tools and accessories you may need for beading, this includes pliers, wire cutters and more. Check out the entire beading catalogue to not miss out on any great offers.



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