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Safe, lightweight and versatile, decorative foam can be turned into a variety of decorative objects, toys, and other craft projects. You can paint it, add glitter, paper, fabric, or feathers and create all kinds of figures, decorations and objects.

Check out our range of foam here at Spotlight to see the many different shapes and sizes it comes in. Also included in this range is a huge collection of foam stickers, ideal for card making and scrapbooking projects. Florists foam, used to create beautiful flower arrangements, completes the range.

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Can I buy Foam from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Foam is soft and versatile, and it is a fabulous medium that can provide the basis for so many different arts and crafts projects. It can be transformed into such a wide variety of different things, as well as having functional uses or being perfect for creating your own embellishments. We have foam available in so many different shapes and sizes, whether you are looking for foam sheets, balls, stars or more, you are sure to find the foam you are looking for amongst this collection. With such a wide choice available, plus our guaranteed low prices across the whole selection, shop foam online or at your local Spotlight store today.

What is included in this range?

This range includes Foam of all sizes, colours, and thicknesses, and there are so many fabulous foam crafts that you can do with it. With stars, balls, cubes and even human head shapes for a project not quite like any other. This collection also includes a variety of foam stickers, in a wide array of colours, styles and designs. Whether you are looking for cute characters, animals, shapes, or whatever, we are sure to have the foam sticker for you. Shop our exclusive range of foam shapes, stickers and sheets available now at Spotlight's guaranteed low prices.

Do you have any tips for working with foam?

If you are looking to add interest and dimension to your crafty projects, foam would be a great place to start. Craft foam is easy to cut, stick and sew and with our fabulous range of foam shapes, you can create and embellish a whole host of projects. It is inexpensive to buy, available in so many different shapes and sizes, and can be stamped, cut, punched, coloured, painted, sewn or anything else. It really is a versatile medium! If you wish to paint your foam project, then spray paint is an excellent option. It does not leave behind any streaks and offers excellent coverage.

Acrylics are also pretty effective. However, we recommend staying away from any oil-based paints. Before you paint, sand down your foam object and ensure that the surface is clean and has no blemishes or imperfections. We also recommend doing any cutting, shaping or sanding before you begin to paint. Foam is also a great medium to work with when you are doing crafts with children, and they will love being able to get those creative juices. Create photo frames, sculpt a menagerie of animals, or use our fabulous foam as the basis for decorations at Christmas or Halloween.

What can I do with floral foam?

Floral foam looks a little bit easier than what it is. Although it is easy to cut and sculpt, so that you can create the custom shapes that you desire Do not be tempted to crush or press the delicate foam in its dry state, as this can damage the foams water holding capabilities.

Before adding your floral foam make sure that the container surface area is completely dry and air must not get caught in the tiny cells. To use wet foam, place the block into a basin of water so that it is surrounded, do not press the foam down in anyway. Cut stems before you put them into the foam, pushing the stem directly into it. If you are using dry floral foam, remember that this is not designed to be watered and should be used mainly for arranging artificial or dry flowers.

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