DIY Masks

Now you can create your own masks for kids parties, Halloween, fancy dress events or other special occasions, with our superb range of plain full and half face masks here at Spotlight. Let your creativity run wild and paint, glue, glitter or stencil your mask to resemble animals, spooky monsters, or cartoon characters. Add feathers, beads or other embellishments too. You can also create elegant Venetian face masks for a fancy-dress ball, or even become the Phantom of the Opera!

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Can I purchase DIY masks from Spotlight?

Yes, you can. Whether you are shopping for a DIY Halloween mask that is sure to scare anyone, heading to Mardi gras, or perhaps you hope to be the belle of a masquerade ball, then our DIY mask collection could be the perfect place to look. Children will love being able to recreate their favourite animals using these simple masks and you could even create a stunning piece that could be hung on the wall of your home. Shop our fun range of masks today, with so many to choose from plus our fabulously low prices across the entire collection.

What is included in this range?

This range includes a whole host of different plain masks that are ready and waiting to be decorated to your taste. Whether you are looking for a mask that splits in the middle for that phantom of the opera vibe, a half-mask to cover up the eyes and add some mystery to your outfit, or even a full mask for a truly creative flair, then we have the mask for you, with both multipacks and single options available. From plain masks that offer unlimited potential or fancy decorated half masks that could easily be beautiful, you are sure to find the do it yourself masked option for you amongst this fabulous collection.

What other masks do you have available at Spotlight?

If you are not feeling very creative, and would rather purchase a mask that is ready to go, then we have a wide selection available. In a huge selection of colours and designs, suitable for both men and women, you are guaranteed to find a mask that will impress in this range. We have an impressive variety of character masks such as our Disney Star Wars Classic Masks and the Amscan Minions Masks. Whether you want to a swash-buckling pirate, a meow-some kitty cat, or superhero, then we have the mask for you. Heading to a masked ball? You will be able to masquerade with the best with one of our fabulous choices of bejewelled masks. Whether you are dressing up a superhero from the Marvel team, Darth Vader, or a super-creepy Halloween mask, you are sure to find the perfect one for you amongst our fabulous fancy dress selection.

Do you have any tips for making masks?

Mask making is fun for children and adults of all ages, and painting face masks can be a great way to express themselves creatively. To help the paint to stick, rough up the surface slightly with sandpaper or spray with plastic-fusion spray paint in white. If you are looking to paint your mask, it is recommended to prepare it first by covering it with a coat of gesso or primer. When you have finished painting your mask, spray your final piece with clear acrylic spray or varnish, this will help it to stay looking amazing for longer. There are so many different embellishments that you can use when you are creating masks. Stock up on glitter, feathers, sequins, gems, ribbons and more for tons of different ways of transforming your masked creation.

Is there anything else I need to remember?

If you are doing arts and crafts with young children, always check the recommended age for each supply. We would like to remind customers that masks are not suitable for children under the age of three as they contain smaller parts that may pose a choking hazard. Any paints or other craft supplies should be non-toxic and washable, and you should ensure full adult supervision. If you are using spray paints or adhesives, make sure that you do so in a well-ventilated area or outside space.



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